Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Autumnal trip in a boat


Ok, so I didn't really go in a boat, they make me feel iffy, and I didn't even go on a trip, except for to the supermarket, but it IS very autumnal and I once again needed a post title to combine this week's challenges. The Tag Tuesday challenge this week is " Autumn leaves, acorns and conkers", and the Every Inchie Monday challenge is "Boat".

Tag first. I had intended to go out for a lovely walk and collect autumnal treasures, but it has been pouring down for the last few days, so I gave that one a miss! I did have some acorn cups in my "naturals" box though, and one solitary acorn, and I decided to use those. Instead of real autumn leaves I had to make do with cut out images and I made some felted acorns to keep that lonely real acorn company -

And this is my "BOAT" inchie -

The first thing which came into my mind when I saw BOAT, was spending time with my brothers when we were little, folding hats and boats out of newspaper and floating them on puddles, in the bath, anywhere really where we found some water. I had to go with that, of course, so I took a tiny bit of paper and folded it into an even tinier boat. I coloured the sky and the sea with Promarker pens, and used a little bit of silver and white for the clouds and the foam on the waves.

I really ought to be photographing more stuff for the Etsy shop but it is still raining and so dark, there is no point in even trying. Ah well, perhaps the rain will let up later. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, I'll carry on making more customer tags :-).

Toodlepip xxx


Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Liz,
Your Autumn tag is gorgeous, I especially love the mix of felted acorns with the real, and your inchie is too cute.
enJOY a lovely day,

Judys Fabrications said...

Love this Autumn tag too. What a clever idea to needle felt those extra acorns!

marigold jam said...

Love that autumn tag. Sorry can't help re the white background but it actually looks quite good!

craftattack said...

Lovely tag and inchie! Valerie

Dorthe said...

my oh my... your inchie is a most lovely tiny thing and boat- how wonderful!
And the beautiful tag- LOVE the felted acorns, and all your great red/yellow autumn colours- so beautifully expressing the word:Autumn--
So even I was exited to read about you boating,lol, your gorgeous creations made me forget your little cheating ! :-)
HUGS, Dorthe xx

Createology said...

Your Autumn tag is beautiful and the mix of felted with real acorns is brilliant. I adore your tiny little boat for the inchie. Such sweet memories of younger days with your siblings. Falling into Autumn Bliss...

Rhonda said...

I just adore your tags but truly your inchie tag today is so adorable.

I'm so happy it's Autumn - it's been a long long summer here.

marie said...

Such a pretty tag...aren't the colors of Autumn fabulous!!? Love the little acorns!

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh Dear Liz - not more rain! Has it followed you back from France?
Your Autumnal tag is really beautiful especially with those felted acorns.

Now row row row your boat gently down the stream! Yes it does bring back memories at bath time!

Sending dappled sunlight hugs to you dear friend,

bumble button said...

Liz, Did you read my mind and find out what I like? That autumn tag is perfect. May I put it on my pinterest board? Of course I will need to figure out how to do that! It will link back to you. See I am catching up on what you have been up to. Love Louise

Mom E. said...

You are so funny! I love your stuff!