Monday, 31 October 2011

Today was a geocaching day

One of our geocaching friends suggested doing a 20-cache series today, while the weather was still fairly clement and as my DS3 wasn't working today, we decided to give it a go. It sounded like a great little series, as a number of tools were required, like spanners, magnets, string, and a liter of water. Water? That turned out to be a really clever cache, actually. 7 1/2 miles later, we made it back home just as it was getting dark ( which is very early now that the clock have gone back again ). Feet and back are sore, but we did it, yay! 20 caches in the series, as well as an extra one which was close by.

But it didn't leave me any time to do my inchie for the Every Inchie Monday challenge or do any crafting. So instead, I posted a few little treasures on my Vintageland blog -

A gorgeous little French crown pin -

An Edwardian pocket size shoe horn and button hook set -

and a very collectable French 1930s hat pin -

And now I am just about ready to fall into bed, lol!

Toodlepip xxx


Lenet said...

oo fun! A friend of my does geocaching too, I walked the route here in our town with her, when I caught her searching for the answere to one the questions.

Anneke said...

i don,t know what this is geocaching, but i understand that you were teaching something?
anyway , i hope you had an interesting day.
i love the fabric collage from the other post

Dorthe said...

Liz,dear- that was quit a walk, no wonder your feet and back were tired and sore, but you did get some great fresch air.
Love your treasures -the crown is gorgeous, and the hat pins,also-- wish we were wearing hats ,so we could use those beautiful things :)
Yes it has become dark very Early ,also here.
Cosy evening-friend.

Beatnheart said...

thanks very much for your visit. love your stuff in your shop...very tempting.