Sunday, 2 October 2011


It is 2pm on this beautiful, very sunny Sunday afternoon, and it is almost time to close the giveaway. I will be closing it at 5pm UK time, that is in approx. 3 hours, and I may have some little surprises.............

So, if you have only just read about it, it is not yet too late, you can click on the photo below and leave a comment.

I am so excited, I will be writing out the names of everybody who has entered and put them in the usual heart shaped box. I much prefer this method to an online generator thingy. You know, I think I might just have a small glass of wine when I am finally ready to draw the winner. Later on this evening. After dinner probably.

Good luck!

Toodlepip xxx

PS I had a lovely morning at a boot fair today. I think it was the last outdoor one. It was scorching hot, and there were too many people, and I got all hot and bothered, but it was worth it, I did find some lovely little bits and pieces. I'll show you tomorrow!


Becky~ said...

Oh good my fingers and toes are crossed for this lovely.Oh and I cant wait to hear about your adventure.

What is up with the weather we had HOT til the weekend then we got rain and very cold.I gues thats fall.

Happy sunday!

Fleur said...

Oh can't wait to see the winner!!

JoAnne said...

I think I'll have a little glass of wine too then...can't wait!

Dorthe said...

Dear Liz, enjoy your glass of wine- (I had mine :) )
I will be back ,very exited, to see whom won all your beauty.
See you soon -HUGS,

Yitte said...

Have your glass of wine. I'm aleady had sitting in the sun at a warm sunday afternoon in the netherlands.

Have a nice evening

Kelly_Deal said...

What a gorgeous giveaway!

Lucy said...

Pick Me, Pick Me please, just love your treasures!
Hugs Lucy