Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Etsy Cottage Colours - AQUA and Every Inchie Monday - ENCOURAGEMENT

Both of these challenges were really quite difficult for me. Etsy Cottage Colour for this month is AQUA and it seems I have very little of that gorgeous colour in our home. Hmmm. Perhaps I ought to do something about that, because aqua is such a beautiful colour.

Here is what I could come up with for AQUA -

First is this beautiful vintage trim in beautiful shades of aqua/sea green

Next, beautifully soft tattered aqua silk ribbon and a fantastic vintage trim with aqua sequins -

Aaah, antique bottles, they are the most delicious shade of aqua -


The Every Inchie Monday challenge this week was exactly that for me, challenging. The theme was ENCOURAGEMENT, and I did struggle a little with that. For some reason, I saw messages on a beach in my mind ( I know, lol, huh? ), so I used Distress Stickles in Tattered Straw to simulate a sandy beach, and put my message both on a little pebble and on the beach -

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Regina said...

OK ok ok...first...I remember to lay my towel over my keyboard so the drool wouldn't get on it...hehehe. So happy I did that too..what beautiful items in shades of Aqua.

I love your pebble and I think you more than handled the challenge. Does someone get this piece? It's something that anyone would love have sitting on their desk to remind them that they are believed in...just sayin!!!!

Hugs my sweet friend!!

Linda M. said...

I love you new header and all those delicious pieces in shades of aqua. Your inchy piece is wonderful. I love the beach. Linda

Kris said...

What a delightful and creative post! I love your aqua findings and your inchie. they go together you know....if you put your inchie inside the bottle it would seem as if the encouragement came from the sea....a message in a bottle. ;)

Melody said...

Ok Lululiz......for someone who said these were a challenge, sure did an excellent job. I forgot all about bottles. LOL I had to go to Ebay top find a pic of the melemine cause that was all I could think of at first and then I realized I don't own any melemine in that color 8o. I finally just opened my Pics file and started lookin. I know I had pillows for sale in the color, but didn't realize how many things I did have...phew. My luck host a party and I can't come..sigh

Dorthe said...

Your aqua colored bottles are beautiful, dear Liz- and so are the collage in aqua tones hanging here,the one you made me- :)
The inchie- is perfect for this weeks challenge- and makes me think of a warm summer,we did not have this year!


A garden just outside Venice said...

Hi Lizzie! I'm trying to catch up with everyone after a long break and just wanted to say hello and send you a big kiss!

April said...

Your blues are beautiful, and I love the little beachy message! Makes me want to go back on vacation...
Lovely blog!

Marilou of Lulu's Lovlies and Heartful Creations said...

Nice shade of Aqua, I had a bit of a time trying to come up with the color of Aqua too. It sure is a beautiful color and used in decorating with browns alot. I love it but I was lacking for much of it around here. Have a great week! Hugs Marilou

Catje said...

I love sea green! Since I was a little girl, I have dreamt of getting myself a sea green ball gown :) Maybe I should start putting that dream into reality now :)

Lynn Stevens said...

ohhh the aqua is so lush!!!!
sweet little inchie too,
hugs Lynn

JeanFB said...

What a beautiful and creative inchie! Love the little pebble, such a great idea, encouragement for time eternal. Lovely aqua goodies, too!

Debbi said...

you aqua's are perfect for the Cottage colors party! those bottles are truly unique!

Karen said...

well I love the aqua. Surprised huh? Who knew? ((Chuckle chuckle)
And that trim is to DIE FOR! And the sequins. I think I could look at all of that for a very long time. But - that's what we do here! Take JOY in the simplest and smallest of things.
HAGD! Karen