Tuesday, 23 July 2013

My fairy has gone fishing!

You guessed it, it is that time of the week yet again, I got my Every Inchie Monday and Tag Tuesday challenges ready.

The prompt for our inchies this week was FANTASY, so I took a sneaky photograph of the little fairy girl at the bottom of my garden, while she was perched on a toadstool, watching a beetle race so intently that she didn't notice me....... yeah, right ;-). You believe that, don't you? Psst, dont tell, but what I really did was ink the background with three different greens and cut out a tiny toadstool. Then I cut out a tiny little girl, coloured her by hand, gave her a pair of wings and sat her on the toadstool -

The theme on Tag Tuesday was FISH. I took a small portion of a lovely underwater castle desktop image and used that for my background. I had a multi hued snipped of dyed scrim which I used, together with a few real seashells, a sweet little charm, a bit of lace ( gotta have lace, lol ), and of course lots of lovely fishies. They are, after all, the mermaids' playmates, and thus very important creatures in the mermaid castle hierarchy -

I am melting in mid 30 C temperatures! On the plus side, the veggies are doing great in all this sunshine, but we do have to water a lot. Might have to start going down to the lake and filling up our stash of 5l water bottles soon, as our well is dependent on rain water filtering through, it doesn't have a source. We have been eating freshly picked veggies from the garden almost every day, and they taste sooooooooooooooo good!

I have been busy busy busy photographing, packaging, weighing lots of lovely new brocante finds. If you fancy a look, I have posted pics of them on my vintageland blog. There will be lots more over the next few days, I have a huge backlog of stuff.

For now though, toodlepip, and have a wonderful day, xxx


Dorthe said...

Hallo , my dear Liz,-
Oh I DO believe in fairies, and toadstools, where they dream of lovely summer dayes, just like your sweet little one does here :-)
The mermaids playmates tag is wonderful, what a gorgeous palas under the water for her to play with the sweet fishes!! ;-)
Here we miss rain so badly ,too- and haven`t any choise to water, other than use our drinking water, wich is very expensive, so we try to wait !!!!!
Wonderful that your garden provides you with such great veggies every day, my friend! Here Henning just picked and made jam from gooseberries!! taste so fresh and lovely!
Lets hope for a little rainy nights :-) to our dry gardens- -wishes and hugs, Dorthe

Rhonda said...

Well, now I can picture you in your sweet studio, all cozy and creating away. Hope it cools down for you, though. I agree homegrown veggies are absolutely the best! xo Rhonda

gillyb's crafting blog said...

love your inchie - and the tag too - brill.

hazel said...

I love your fairy - she's beautiful.
xxx Hazel.

Mom E. said...

"I do believe in Fairies, I do, I do!"....quote from the Peater Pan Movie...
Yours is adorable, and so tiny! you are amazing with your inchies!....I don't even do well with a TAG!! LOL
And your Fish tag, I LOVE the castle in the background! You are so creative ....beautiful tags you make, every one!

freebird7100 said...

What an adorable story for how you made your inchie. Your lil fairy is adorable for sure! great job!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Your fairy is just adorable,dear Liz.I'm melting away too and hope it will cool down soon.Have a wonderful day and stay cool.

Trillian said...

Such a nice inchie and a brilliant tag as usually.

Katelyn said...

It's a great inchie, I love the background! I love your tag too.