Tuesday, 9 July 2013

An Italian Story

Oh dear, I have done it again, teased you with a title which is just a little misleading. Yes, I'm afraid, its the weekly challenges again. Over at the Every Inchie Monday blog, the prompt was STORY. Over at the Tag Tuesday blog we had finished the alphabet and were back to normal word prompt. This week's word was ITALY.

Inchie first. I was going to do a Once upon a time inchie, but that had already been done, so I decided to go with the fairytale ending of a story, And They Lived Happily Every After, The End ;-) -

When I thought about Italy, the second thing which came to mind was Venice and the utterly amazing Venetian carnival masks. First thing was food, of course, I love Italian food. The background of the tag is an image of the Bridge of Sighs in Venice. I cut out a couple of masks and tarted them up with some coloured crystals and a silver glitter pen, tied some sort of matching ribbon to the masks and glued them onto the tag so that they looked 3D -

We have proper summer weather at the moment, yay! Temps are up to 30C, the sky is blue, we are getting a lovely gentle breeze coming up from the valley and life is good :-).

I hope life is good for you,too, wherever you are.

Toodlepip xxx


Trillian said...

What a brilliant inchie.
Love your tag too.

Dorthe said...

Wonderful inchie, dear Liz, a true love story ;-)
and your masks tag is gorgeous,- love the tiny masks you made- they looks so 3-d, and are wonderful with the bling - beautiful with the background from Venice!!
I so admire ,that you still are taking part in theese two events!!
Hugs and x-

Katelyn said...

It's a great inchie, I love it! I love your tag too!

freebird7100 said...

Love the fact that you ended the story that everyone else started! great job! Love the tag as well. so much sparkle!

Mom E. said...

Love the tag and the inchie...You are SO creative! the masks are awesome! Hugs,