Wednesday, 10 July 2013

French Fleamarket Finds - THAT suitcase

Remember I said in a previous post that I had spent a huge chunk of my brocante money on a suitcase, a tattered and battered old thing? Well of course it wasn't the wrecked old case I was so excited about, it was the contents. Oh my, and what treasures it contained! The most beautiful cross I had ever seen, with hand carved mother of pearl embellishments everywhere, was lying on top of other religious items, and it was that cross I wanted to buy. Probably just that cross and one or two other things. But the dealer had other ideas. HE wanted me to buy the whole lot. So we talked and haggled, and smiled, and haggled some more, and put things down, and made all the right not-really-interested noises............ and after I had spent ages going through everything in the case a little more carefully..... I did buy the whole lot, lol!

The suitcase is really knackered, but the lining paper is gorgeous -

I have photographed most of the items from the case, but I haven't taken photos of the most beautiful mother of pearl embellished cross yet, I want to clean it up a little first, so I'll save that one for another post. In the meantime, here are the pics of my suitcase finds -

An ebonised cross with silver metal Christ -

A stunning Holy Water font/benitier with very ornate brass cross on a beautifully shaped wooden cross - 

Another beautiful large benitier/Holy Water font, this time a black velvet cross on a carved wooden cross -

This is the loveliest crucifix I have come across so far. It is engraved with a name and date, 1891, on the side. Wouldn't that look just fantastic as the focal piece of a piece of jewelry? -

A simple wooden crucifix with a brass figure of Christ, small hole at the top for attaching to a chain -

This Holy Water font is so unusual, it features the Peace Dove instead of  a religious figure. Beautifully sculpted bird on onyx and brass back with glass font-

This is another really unusual piece, something I had never come across before, a thermometer with a religious plaque, Jeanne d'Arc. The onyx (?) has a most delightful pinkish/lavenderish tint to it, and don't you just love the gorgeous little bow at the top, covering the ring for hanging it up? -

A white plaster plaque of Christ -

Beautiful plaque of the Virgin Mary on onyx and brass gothic arch. I think originally it might have had a little plaque underneath the intricate metal filigree, but now its a great blank canvas for you to put your own stamped metal message or name on it for example -

These three hand beaten metal crosses are very primitive and had me somewhat puzzled. I don't know what their function was -

Isn't this little statue just so beautiful? -

I love love love old velvet items, so this red velvet benitier really appealed to me. It has a delightful little porcelain font rather than the more common metal one -

Two simple little crosses, one in dark wood, one in lighter wood, both with beautifully detailed figures of Christ -

Aaah, this is beautiful, a statue of the Virgin Mary in virginal white. She has lost her hands, does that matter? Not in the slightest, she is so serene and calming with a lovely aura-

I adore these very intricate figures -

It was a beautiful experience discovering all those wonderful pieces in that battered old suitcase.

Toodlepip xxx


Karen B. said...

Good morning dear Liz,
WOW ..... you hit the jackpot with you buy!! So many beautiful pieces .. you are so lucky to have found all of these treasures!!
Enjoy them!!
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Doni said...

Hi Liz!
Looks like a suitcase of treasure to me! Now really...who would have a suitcase FULL of crosses that look like they belong in churches? Maybe there are churches all throughout Europe missing their crosses...hmm?? But I'm kidding. Those are marvelous examples and worthy enough to be in a church! Lovely find and I know you were excited to bring home a case full of lovely treasure!!
Have a wonderful week!
PS...PLEASE share your work space for the Where Bloggers Create party!!! It would be great to see what you bring with you on a trip so that you can still create!!!

Createology said...

Such beautiful and meaningful treasures out of an old battered case. You were very fortunate to take a look and acquire such lovelies. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

Elizabethd said...

I wonder where they all came from? A convent maybe?

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi dear Liz,
what gorgeous finds.I adore the Virgin Mary.You always find the best brocante:)Have a wonderful day.

Dorthe said...

OH you have found beautiful treasures
in that old suitcage, my dear Liz..
how amazing to find so many religious pieces in one place- seems for me totally fantastic!!
So many things to love and to many adorable pieces, that I might never had seen if not following your wonderful blog, my friend!! Thankyou- and have fun with all your treasures, -I will wait and see what you put on your Etsy !!!
Hugs from me on a colder, windy and dark grey island!! Dorthe,xx

Romeo said...

Well all I have to say is that the dealer is lucky you didn't just bang him over the head with the suitcase and run!!!! There is absolutely no wonder at all why you wanted that suitcase full of wonderful treasures!!!! The poor dealer. He could have lost his life over this one and didn't even have a clue ;) hehehehemewmewmew


Romeo and "her"

JansArtyJunk said... always find the most interesting treasures Liz! Love the old battered suitcase too!!

Sea Witch said...

WOW, this was a marvelous find. Green with envy.