Thursday, 2 July 2009

Yoohoo!!! - from JJ

Just a quick word from Lalaland Portugal division. Am still completely Lala but with a bit of a tan now. Have been busy beading and crocheting and doing other stuff - just don´t have easy access to a computer to sit and update with pics etc.

Have pretty much run out of decent seed beads - the crappy ones from the Chinese shops here are rubbish. Don´t think there are 2 alike in a box of about 2000. Grrrrrr....more unpicking.
So far I´ve made 3 St Petersburg stitch bracelets, a matching necklace for one of them; some fimo beads which I´ve polished but haven´t managed to actually string together yet. Crochet - done a couple of croilies, half a cushion, a bit of another cushion, read several books (Jodie Picoult is my new favourite author and I´m keeping the cat rescue charity shop going every time they have a new batch of books in). Have been to a Portuguese bootfair (on a Sunday I´ll have you know) which was fine if you want to buy rusty old metal contraptions.

Err, other than that, haven´t been up to much really. Just chilling and thinking and clearing up after my baby (also known as my other half who is a mere 61 years old, but has as much idea of clearing up after himself as a toddler LOL).

Well, I need to give the computer back now, so I´ll sign off. Had a very quick whizz through the posts Liz - all looks fab, and hope the fairs went well.

Toodle pip or Até logo as they say here....


Liz said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy!! It'll be nice to see pics when you can get them on!

Elizabethd said...

I've just come across from our friend Floss to look at your blog. It's super! what an interesting trawl through sewing, crafting, beads, antiques......
Have you come across the 'Amazing Beads'( website? She is very good, has interesting stock.

Lululiz said...

Hi Elizabethd, great that you have found your way here! JJ is still in Portugal, the lucky soandso, and doesn't have access to a computer, but I am going to check out that site, sounds great, and maybe, MAYBE, if she is a very good girl, I'll tell her about it when she gets back. IF she gets back, humph, she is just as likely to continue her stay indefinitely, grrr. Fine friend, eh?