Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Finally, finally, finally

I had the bestest ever news today. After so many years of gutwrenching disappointments, ups and downs, coming so close and then having to cope with heartbreaking upsets, the almost-miracle has finally happened and our dearest friends Will and Theresa are finally united with their daughter Mae, which at long last they have been able to adopt in China. We had all given up hope until very recently, when totally out of the blue they received the news which they had thought they would never get. I have just seen the first photos of them with their beautiful little girl and just burst into tears. God knows what they must be feeling. I can't wait for them to get back from China so that I can give their daughter a huge welcome hug.

Here she is, with Theresa and Will, looking very serious and curious, but also very calm and relaxed -

You can read a bit more about their recent history here - Long Journey to China and our Child

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Sarah said...

Oh wow! Sounds like they are very deserving of such a special little girl after all they have been through. Gosh some people have it tough. We are so lucky to have children, although sometimes we need to be reminded of that! They really are such little treasures. I wish them lots of happiness with their little girl and hope they have a lot of fun bringing her up.