Sunday, 12 July 2009

Game and giveaway results!

I was a little disappointed that so few people took up the challenge of the 1950s party game, so a huge thank you and well done to the few who did come out to play!

Sarah, from Red Gingham was the first one, good on ya, girl!
Cheerfulness was next, yay!
Floss from Troc, Broc & Recup' was also up for it.
And Tomolou also gave it a jolly good go.

Now I am faced with a really horrid dilemma, because, well, errmmm, nobody actually got them all correct, lol. I don't blame ya, some of the picture puzzles were really quite fiendish, especially so for non-UK people. Well, let me give you the correct answers first, and then I'll let you know what I have decided to do with the giveaway.

Here goes -

Card 1 - Spot the trees - PALMS
Card 2 - Spot the car part - BOOT
Card 3 - Spot the drink- PUNCH
Card 4 - Spot the English town - CREWE ( crew )
Card 5 - Spot the footwear - PUMP
Card 6 - Spot the car - STANDARD
Card 7 - Spot the politician - BUTLER
Card 8 - Spot the fish - PERCH
Card 9 - Spot the athlete - BANNISTER ( Banister )
Card 10 - Spot the insect - CRICKET
Card 11 - Spot the lady's woolen garment - JUMPER
Card 12 - Spot the game - BRIDGE
Card 13 - Spot the British County - CARDIGAN
Card 14 - Spot the dog - POINTER
Card 15 - Spot the gun - MORTAR
Card 16 - Spot the shopping attraction - SALES ( sails )
Card 17 - Spot the composer - HANDEL ( handle )
Card 18 - Spot the human body part - GROIN ( groyne )

You know gals, because I had looked at the game, the cards and the answers of course, when I was at the stall buying it, it didn't seem so bad, but looking at it now, I can see why it was really really difficult. I mean, who the heck is Bannister, lol, or Butler for that matter? Unless you are a history/sports/politics buff, you just wouldn't know 50 years on, would ya? Still, some answers made me giggle, teehee, and I am a really bad person for chuckling away at you poor wonderful people sitting there, probably chewing your bottom lip, scratching your head, spillling your tea, cos you were thumping the desk in frustration...........

Right, firstly, I think I have to find out who got the most answers correct, lets see......

In reverse order -

Sarah came in with 7 correct answers, and for somebody living on the other side of the world, thats a pretty darned good result, woohoo, well done Sarah!

Cheerfulness got 8 answers correct, thats a great effort, much better than a couple of my friends did!

Floss got 10 correct ( including the groyne, lolol ), way to go, girl!

And with a fabulous total of 11 correct answers, tomolou came out tops, you little star, you. Tomolou even got Roger Bannister, how brilliant is that?

So now what do I do? I had said that I would pick the winner from the ones who got all answers correct, but nobody did, so here's what I think I'll do. At the moment there are 7 little bits in the giveaway, I'll add another bit, a length of this really sweet vintage French dotty ribbon

to make it 8 bits altogether. So now we have

embroidered cloth
vintage French glass buttons
fashion tea cards
length of lace trim
green polka dot ribbon
country chicken ribbon
vintage grey button set
vintage French pink dotty ribbon

Tomolou, as the person with the most correct answers can pick 2 items from the lot of 8. Once tomolou has picked, Floss can pick 2, then cheerfulness, then Sarah. Do you all think thats fair? I hope tomolou is around to start it off, so the rest of you don't have to wait too long, lol.

Now my brain hurts, and I need a cup of tea. Big thank you again to you wonderful people for playing the game, you are real good sports! And I promise, I make the next giveaway much easier........... probably................ unless....................



cheerfulness said...

That sounds like a lovely idea. :o)

I have to say I was bursting to find out all the answers, particularly the last one. Ashamed to admit I didn't know they were called groynes and had to goggle it!

Now I know all the answers I'm going to try this game out on my family tonight. (Shall hide my efforts - still embarrassed over the 'great dane' guess!)

Thanks for taking the time to do this - was such fun.

tomolou said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lululiz said...

Hi Louise (tomolou)! I have removed your comment because it had your address in it, and thats not always a safe thing to do. This is an open blog, so you never know who is reading it. I am so pleased that you have won and picked the embroidered cloth and the chicken ribbon. I'll post them to you tomorrow. Could you just email me your full name please ( email is in my profile ).

That means Floss is the next to pick her two items from the list! Now I wonder what she will go for?

Floss said...

Oh, thanks for rewarding my meagre efforts! I felt that as a Brit I could have tried harder! Plams! Crewe! Of course!!!

What do you mean, you wonder what I will go for? I would love those vintage glass buttons and the lace trim, please! I bet you could predict that, really. Thanks for being such a generous quiz host, Liz.

BTW, I am in Edinburgh WITH BOYS this time, and that makes a real difference. My mum's not well enough to look after them alone and my did will be away for a while, so I think that my charity shop tresure maps will have to wait until next time. I might just vist one or two local ones, that's all...

Lululiz said...

Lol, I thought you might go for the glass buttons, Floss. Awww, what a shame that you won't be able to make good use of your charity shop map, still, if you can fit one or two local ones in, then all is not lost. I bet you will still manage to find a bunch of goodies, which we will all drool over. I'll hold off sending your stuff until you get back to France, shall I?

Alrighty, on to Cheerfulness to pick her two items.........

Sarah said...

Oh Liz I bet you were laughing hard at some of my answers! You meanie!! So I came last aye? Mmmm. Bit embarassing really but who cares - I'm more devistated over loosing those glass buttons to Floss boo hoo hoo!!! Well there's still that cute spotty dotty ribbon left. Maybe I could push in and grab just a couple of metres of it. Oh I am soooo naughty aren't I?!!

Lululiz said...

Indeed you are Sarah, trying to bully Cheerfulness into NOT picking the dotty ribbon, lolol. Don't take any notice, Cheerfulness, you take your pick without any pressure at all ( I may just send Sarah a bit of that spotty dotty ribbon anyway because she did so well for a Kiwi ).

cheerfulness said...

Oh I'm so glad that you said that about the pink dotty ribbon because I just loved it but would have felt awful as Sarah was the first of us to take up the challenge.

So.. if I may have some pink dotty ribbon and the lovely grey buttons I would be thrilled. :o)
Thank you!

Lululiz said...

Yay, thats it then, all sorted! I'll try and sort the bits out tomorrow and get them in the post to you fabulous gals. I need your addy, Cheerfulness, email me please. Great, now I can go to bed happy in the knowledge that all is well, deep sigh.

cheerfulness said...

Just wanted to say thank you for my prize which just arrived.
I know exactly how I am using the buttons (on a chunky knit cardi I'm making for the winter) and I'll enjoy musing over how I'll use that lovely ribbon.

Many thanks :o)