Saturday, 4 July 2009

Fun 1950s game to play and giveaway, are you up for it?

Hurrah, a weekend without craft fairs to attend, and a Saturday bootfair to boost, excellent. I found this dinky little 1950s party game first thing, and thought it would be great if you all joined in and gave it a go! Some of the picture puzzles are easy, some are quite fiendish, but the game is great fun. Apparently it cost 2/6 ( two and six in old money, which I don't know anything about, being a Kraut ), at least thats what the faint pencil mark on the back says. And at some point in time it belonged to the 3rd Hastings Guides, according to a note on the front of the game.

Alright, are you ready and willing? C'mon, its good fun, but please dont cheat! You get 20 minutes to study all 18 cards and come up with an answer. Please list your answers in your comments, and I'll put everybody who gets all 18 correct in the allotted time ( WITHOUT CHEATING, lol ) into a draw for a little prize.

Ok, here are the instructions ( the important bit is right at the bottom, N.B. ) -

And here are the answer cards ( you don't need to print and cut out, rofl, just list the answers in your comments, teeheee )

Somebody has written additional clues on some of the puzzle cards, I am not sure whether that makes it easier though, lol.

Right, lets go then, have a look at your watch or clock, make a note of the time, and..........................

GO !!!

Check the elapsed time. How are you doing? Still got plenty of time left? You have? Wow, you are good!

OK, time is up! Stop right there! Yes, you, lol, I told you, no cheating allowed, you naughty little thing.

And the prize for the cleverclogs winner? Well, there might be a card of gorgeous vintage French buttons, glass buttons actually, on a pretty 1950s embroidered linen tray cloth/table centre, and maybe some pretty ribbon, and some vintage lace and, errmm, lets see, some old cigarette cards perhaps? Oops just realised, actually they are tea cards, but so cute, from a series called British Costume, not a complete set of 50, but around 40 and an interesting lot. Oh, and a set of 12 vintage British buttons, 6 large and 6 matching small ones. So, there you have it, nothing major, just a few little bits and pieces, which you or somebody you know may enjoy.

It would be great if you could put this button on your blog and link back, to see if we can get a few more people playing the game, would you mind awfully? Let me know if you have put the button on your page, then you get an extra chance in the draw, yep, tis only fair -

Thank you so much, the more the merrier really, it'll be fun to see whether everybody gets it right. I will keep the game open until Saturday, the 11th.

Now I am pooped. I had way too many interruptions whilst doing this post and now it is almost bedtime for me! Have fun with the game and good luck! x


Sarah said...

Liz this is sooo hard!!! Still, if I'm the only one playing I might as well give you what I've got. Right, now I have a few gaps, but I'm not an English girl and I do think that would have been a help.
So here goes:
2. tyre
3. punch
4. Oxford
5. pumps
13.Shetland Isles
How was that? Hope I didn't get too many wrong!! How embarrassing that would be! By the way I've had your button on my blog all day today so that's another gold star for me.

cheerfulness said...

Hi can't resist a game so here goes with my little try.

1. Acers
2. Brake shoes
3. Punch
4. Putney
5. Pumps
8. Perch
11. Jumper
12. Bridge
13. Wimbledon
14. Great Dane
15. Mortar Gun
16. Sale
17. Chopin
18. Leg

None too sure about a few of those but it was Fun!

Thanks for a great blog. Love ooowing over the lovely goodies you find. :o)

Lululiz said...

Oh, thank you so much you two, I am so glad that you gals took up the challenge. I was getting really sad and disappointed that nobody was playing. I thought it would be great fun, sitting there with a cup of tea or coffee, a couple of bickies, and having a go. I know the little prize is nothing special, but its playing the game that was supposed to count. Ah well, still got a couple of days until the weekend, when I am calling it a day. You gals have cheered me up, so I might think about putting up a few pics of my recent bootfair finds tomorrow.......

Floss said...

This is tricky!

I gave it about 20 mins, perhaps, with the following results:
1 dunno
2 boot
3 punch
4 acun idea
5 pump
6 Traveller
7 quoi?
8 perch
9 not the foggiest
10 cricket
11 muffler?
12 bridge
13 Cardigan
14 huh?
15 mortar
16 ?
17 Handel
18 I swear that's a groyne, but that just CAN'T be the answer!

It was fun, Liz - took me back to guides, and even more to church family parties! I'd have loved to have a bunch of people to play it and giggle along with!

Sarah said...

Thank goodness someone came to play as well! I was about to pack the game up as playing by one's self is a little dull. Good on you for playing too. Hi Liz, how are you going?

tomolou said...

ok here goes.
2.brake shoe.
7alec douglas home.
9roger bannister.
11 jumper.
12 bridge.
16 sale.
17 handel.
this quiz has been so much fun but so tricky.