Monday, 20 July 2009

Nothing much

Well, it wasn't a particularly good weekend. I had stalls booked for both days, and both events were, well, piss poor really. All I managed to do was cover my costs, and that was it. Still, better than making a loss, I suppose. But all that time, sigh, which I could have spent at home with my family, my doggies.........

Saturday was an outdoor event. Oh boy, it was blowing a gale. The first sight which greeted us when we got to the venue was a very sorry looking broken and tangled gazebo, lying in heap in the corner of a fence. Oh heck, that doesn't bode well, I thought. The whole affair was so badly organised as well, it was a shambles really. Ah well, not to be put off, we spent 1 1/2 hours trying to put the gazebo up, with Nick holding on for dear life, while I was trying to tie things down, and then me hanging on to the side poles ( teehee, I am such a shortass, I have trouble reaching the top bars, lolol ) and Nick trying to peg it all down. We gave it another half hour or so, hanging on to the gazebo whilst trying to put out the stock, but it was just impossible, other stallholders were taking down their gazebo as well, so we decided to do the same. Of course, then the sun came out despite the galeforce winds, just what I wanted for my bathmelts and balms etc, NOT!!! So, we had horrendous winds all, day and alternatively sunshine and bits of spitty rain.

Sunday was indoors, in a huge sports hall, but most definitely not the 30odd stalls which should have been there according to the leaflets. A few cancellations, the organiser said, hmm, a FEW?? There were perhaps a dozen stalls, the only positive thing was that we could really spread out ( along the walls with a VERY large empty space in the middle ) and have TWO tables. But, people were not bashing each other over the head in order to get through the doors. Sigh, severe lack of decent advertising. The organiser went out to hand out leaflets on the seafront in the afternoon, as did my son to help her out, if it hadn't been for that, it would have been like a graveyard. I can't tell you how many times I heard - OMG, I LOVE ALL THESE THINGS! I HAD NO IDEA THIS WAS HERE, IF IT HADN'T BEEN FOR THE LEAFLET HAND OUT ON THE SEAFRONT JUST NOW, I WOULDN'T HAVE KNOWN, I WAS ONLY OUT FOR A STROLL, DONT HAVE ANYTHING WITH ME, NO MONEY OR CHEQUEBOOK. I WOULD LOVE TO GET BLA BLA BLA BLA... Thats just the most frustrating thing ever.

Alright, moaning session is over, lol. On to more positive things. I didn't have any time really to go through charity shops last week, only once when I had to get some shopping which involved passing two. Nothing much there, and no bootfairs, because I was working, but a couple of things is still better than none at all.

I adore lovely shiny shimmery vintage curtains from the 40s and 50s, I have a few in my fabric collection, and I couldn't resist buying these -

Just look at those fabulous colours, the gorgeous deep duckegg blue, the pretty pink and the fresh green, just luverly, don't you think?

I also found a little crochet leaflet, which had the cutest baby things in it, AND a really pretty blanket as well. I would love to give that pattern a go -

Isn't this the cutest little, errmmm, whatever you want to call it?

This tablecloth took my fancy as well, the colours are so fresh and springlike, really happy and smiley -

The little blocks of flowers are so pretty, see that there are two different lots of yellow flowers in the centre arrangement?

Oh, and staying with the flowery theme, I found a huge lot of silk flower bits. I have no idea yet what I am going to do with all those blooms, but they are so pretty, especially the large roses, and those tiny tiny little flowers -

I also bought a couple of old books and a very lovely little cut glass vase, but I forgot to take pics of those earlier, and now its getting dark, so no pics of those, sorry. I'll try and remember tomorrow.

I did make a few more flower brooches whilst not doing very much at the fairs. I love using little lucite flowers and beads for the middle -

I can't stop myself making them at the moment, I tend to spend half hour here and there making one at a time until I have three or four, then spend the odd few minutes sewing in the bits, and then relax in the evenings listening to the tv and decorating them with lucite flowers and beads. I hope this obsession stops soon, lol, I am getting quite a collection of them.


Lace hearts said...

Oh poor you, how disheartening. It sounds so poorly organised, but that's not much comfort. I suppose we live and learn. I do hope the next one will be a lot better. xxx

Sarah said...

Oh I'm so disappointed that I couldn't see you struggling with that gazebo!!! I'm sure you must have given others a good laugh! I probably would have packed up and demanded my money back rather than sitting in the weather all day. I like comfort, don't you know?

I hope those flowers end up as something jolly nice one day soon. I get fed up after one or two.

Thanks for your nice comments on my bloggy. Your family would think you rather bonkers if you served up a meal starting with the same letter wouldn't they? I wonder if they would notice if you didn't tell them?

Sarah said...

Oh cut it out Liz!!! You pop out flowers and soaps like they are going out of fashion! I wouldn't have a clue about half the stuff you get up to. And as for carting fifty young lads half way across town entertaining them, that sure takes a heck of a lot of talent!! You stop that whining right now and go and make another flower or something.

Lululiz said...

ROFLMAO, Yes, ma'm!!! I have been decorating a few more this morning and putting them onto large tags.
BTW, Sarah's post referred to a comment I left on her blog regarding her multitalenticity, humph. You can check here to see what I was on about -