Monday, 13 July 2009

A Village Fair

I am feeling very lazy this morning, so instead of writing about the same thing all over again, I have been very cheeky and copied it over from my soapblog. What am I on about? Saturday's Village Fair, where I had a stall offering my wares, lol. You don't mind, do you? So here goes -

It really wasn't a great start to the day, it was drizzling, there wasn't a speck of blue or ray of sunshine to be seen in the sky anywhere, just big dark clouds, sigh. I was feeling a wee bit apprehensive as we were putting the gazebo in the car, remembering Purplesparkle's adventures with her gazebo last year. Although her writings made us all laugh, it really isn't very funny, having your gazebo blown away and I was starting to have visions of my gazebo going the same way. And even if the gazebo behaved itself and stayed put, would there be any customers if the weather was going to be foul all day?

Still, as we were going to a village fair I was hopeful that people weren't going to be put off by bad weather, villagers always seem to support their local events come rain or shine. Half way to the fair, it stopped drizzling and my spirits rose. Perhaps the gods would smile on us after all, eh?

The grounds where the fair was being held were huge! And there was so much planned for the day! Dog shows, dance displays, animal displays, hog roast, bar tent, a little funfair for the kiddies and of course lots of stalls. The atmosphere was fabulous, you really can't beat village fairs for that, the stall holders were friendly, the organisers were very nice, the only criticism I have is that everything was too spread out, there were huge areas of nothing.

The morning was slow, every now and then there was a little moisture ( alright, drizzle, sigh ) in the air, and I was beginning to think that perhaps this would be the first time that I would make a loss. I was so wrong! After midday, things really started to take off, despite the lack of sunshine, and the atmosphere was just fabulous. So many happy families about, people making such lovely comments about my products, and buying, lol, and not allowing me much time to have a look at the other stalls or events which were taking place in the arena. It turned out to be the best fair yet for me. The best thing, and which made us all laugh out loud, was when I had a bunch of friends in my gazebo fighting over the last bar of hair soap, and one saying in desperation " I need it more than you do "! It is really quite worrying how many people these days suffer with skin/scalp problems. So far, the hair soap has proven to be of tremendous help in soothing the scalp, calming itching and reducing flaking and patches of psoriasis. In conjunction with the scalp oil, it certainly cleared my husband's 20+ years of scalp problems.

I really wanted to take photos of some of the events, but in the end I had to ask my DS to go and take some, as I was constantly talking with customers. Just look at these totally adorable doggies, the brown Newfoundland looks just like a huge cuddly teddy bear -

Debbie and Mike organise craft fairs as well, in Tunbridge Wells, and we also seem to be at the same fairs quite often. They are such lovely people, so I was really pleased that they were next door but one to me.

We had such a laugh during the day, Debbie had a naughty glint in her eyes most of the time, lol, and she is quite the little daredevil. Just look at what she got up to! You wouldn't get me doing that, even if you paid me, I'd be spewing for the rest of the day, lol -

Just look at her, she is still smiling after all that, and she didn't even stagger when she got out of that contraption!

Debbie creates really lovely, elegant and classy jewellery, not your run-of-the-mill strung together cheap beads. Her beautiful necklaces feature Swarovski crystal and semi precious stones, and her designs are so imaginative. These photos, taken with my very ancient digital camera really don't do them justice -

The next few photos are for our very special friends in France, Frank and Christine. Well, mostly for Frank really, he is a bit of a tractor collector, especially the beautiful old Petit Gris tractors ( Petit Gris is the Little Grey ), the old Fergusons. I believe he has just been and got himself two more!

So here you are Frank, for you, some photos of lovely old tractors, aren't they just so handsome? Not all are Petits Gris, I know.

They are so incredibly well looked after, just look at that last one, pretty impressive, isn't it?

It really was a lovely day after all the initial worries about the weather, customers etc. Hopefully next year they will have even more stalls to fill those empty spaces, or at least group the stalls together better.

No bootfairing this weekend either, sigh, I am working both Saturday and Sunday, two different events though. Please keep your fingers crossed, I need good weather!


juanitatortilla said...

Oh I would just want to run up to those brown Newfies and give each one of them a big hug and squeeze those poochy faces!

juanitatortilla said...

Those Freitag containers are just "shells" -- there are stairs in them that lead up to each level :) Being containers, it was a tad stuffy inside...

Floss said...

What a great fair! I'm so pleased that it wasn't all rained off.

Sarah said...

Am I really going to get one? I flippin' hope so!!! I still feel I should shop around, as you are supposed to, although it feels like a waste of time really as I've already decided. It's a very me thing to be so pig headed! My machine sounds like yours and I just hate the dial that clunks around to change the stitch. Nothing like a touch key is there?! Haven't heard of anyone who has one yet, so not sure how they rate. And then there is the small matter of children and shopping! Not a good combination at the moment.