Sunday, 17 October 2010

Rainy Car Boot Fair

I had such high hopes for today - I thought we had had the last outdoor boot fair, but the paper advertised my regular boot fair for this Sunday, the weather forecast was for sunshine, and my DS was happy to come with me. All was well, the sky was blue, the sun was shining, it was cold, but hey, we got thick winter sweaters. So we set off and hadn't gone 5 mins when we saw the first dark clouds looming on the horizon. Ah. Not so good. And then the first few raindrops started hitting the windscreen. Bad. Very bad. We got to the boot fair, and of course there were not very many stall holders at all, and a lot of them had their stuff covered up because it was drizzling. Some were even packing up! So it was more of a quick dash around trying to find my regular stall holders ( not there, bah ) and stopping here and there for a quick look through boxes. My trolley was quite light when we left not an hour later ( and thats most unusual as well, lol ).

But, of course I managed to find a couple of things, and one I am particularly fond of. I found me a HECTOR Jug!!! Ok, so officially there is no such thing as a Hector jug, but look, look! This fabulous old Wedgewood jug has a dog shaped handle! And the head looks so much like my Hector! Hector is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, btw. The ears, the broad head, the muzzle........ hasn't quite got the deep chest Hec has, but that would make the handle uncomfortable. Isn't that just the bestest thing?

I found a couple of silver plate pieces, adorable small ladles, one with a monogram on the handle -

And these two little things, whatever they are. They are in quite a state, can't see much of the silver under all that black patina, but I did spot the sweetest intertwined monograms on them. I think when they are cleaned up, they will make fabulous pin cushions, don't you think? -

A pretty snazzy, or should that be 'snappy' crocodile purse. It looks so real, but I can't decide whether it is or not. Whatever, it is very tactile -

I like this brush! It has the cutest little squirrel holding a nut as a handle. Love the two tone bristles as well. Not entirely sure what sort of brush it is, I am leaning towards a crumb brush -

I picked up some more odd earrings, they are always so pretty on little sachets/pillows and it doesn't matter then that they are singles. Oh, two little pendants snuck in there as well -

And this next lot I almost left behind. I have sets of serving bowls and little dishes already, too many really, lol. But this was such a pretty set! The green is amazing, I am pretty sure it is Uranium glass from the 1930s, but I don't have a UV light to test the glass -

Thats it! Light load, isn't it? I would have been happy with just my gorgeous Hector jug though, thats my very special piece.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, toodlepip xxx


marigold jam said...

You certainly got quite a haul there - good job you went in the end wasn't it?


Fabric Art said...

Wow so many beautiful treasures you found, love especially the small silver bowls you will use for needle cushions,and the "Hector" jug is so wonderful.
Hugs Anni

Barbara said...

Wow I think you did an amazing job, gathering up all those terrific items! I love the pitcher also. Your bits and baubles are all very pretty also.

Hugs XX

Barbara Jean said...

You have some very unique and lovely finds my friend. That pitcher with the dog on the handle is amazing, and I love the little broom.

Silver with engraved initials always catches my eye too.

OK. So you are waiting to see my latest treasures, and I have so many, you are right. I'd better start showing a few every day!

I'll work on that tonight and have some up tomorrow. Thanks for prodding me along.

hugs, and Sunday blessings
barbara jean

Serenata said...

Well Liz for a 'light' trolley and 'not much' you certainly did well! Great jug, and indeed rather special. Lots of fabulous goodies as well. I like the little heart pendant - very sweet. Wonderful dishes. All of it great!

Jenevieve said...

Great finds! The Hector jug is beautiful and I love the little squirrel brush! I've never heard of uranium glass before, gorgeous green though! :) x

Andi's English Attic said...

As the brush has a little squirrel on it, perhaps it originally came with a pair of nut crackers and the brush was for sweeping up the shells?
Lovely Hector. Looking forward to seeing the pin cushions. Not a bad car boot after all. xx

Home and Heart said...

LOVE all your goodies!! I think the silver dishes are for sherbet, or ice cream. Of course I am probably wrong!! LOVE the squirrel brush too.

Barbara Jean said...

OK sweet girl
I got a couple of things up for my Monday post. Nothing outstanding of my finds, but some sweetness. Thanks for keeping me on track. -)


PS gave you credit, and linked to your blog too. =)

Xela said...

Tolle Sachen hast du gefunden und fotografiert Lizzy. Ich bin ein Gemmen Fan und deine auf dem Foto ist ganz bezaubernd. liebe Grüße und einen schönen Tag wünsche ich dir. Alexandra

Sarah said...

Looks like Hector you say?? Last I saw, Hector looked about the size of a horse! Who are you kidding? Still I guess he may have been able to drape himself over a jug handle as a little pup, but these days I'd say a jug wouldn't stand up to his big paws.

Linens Lace and Lattes said...

The hector jug is fabulous! I love love love it.
p.s. thanks so much for your comments on my blog. I really appreciate them.

Dorthe said...

Liz, dear- I so understand you most loving the jug-named Hector :)
it is a wonderfull piece.
I too, would have runned away with the beautifull green glass set,-the small silver bowls are adorable,-and the earrings, soo full of possibilities ...even small fair-you returns wit a beautifull lot..
Happy monday evening dear,
Hugs, Dorthe

WW said...

Some pretty good finds for such little time.
I love those green dishes.