Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A few boot fair finds

The boot fair season is almost over, what am I going to do over the winter??? I guess I'll snuggle down with crocheting and crafting and thinking back fondly to the summer vide greniers and the boot fairs here in the UK.

I have only been to a couple of boot fairs here in the UK since returning from France, so I haven't got a huge haul to show you. These days I seem to buy mostly fiction books to read, there hasn't been much else. But hey, as long as I don't come home with a completely empty trolley, I am ok, after all, a womble in the fresh air on a Sunday morning has got to be good for ya, right?

You all know by now that I love paper stuff, ephemera, books, especially old ones with nice illustrations, so I'll start by showing you some paper goodies. These plates are Gorgeous with a capital G! I can't scan them in unfortunately, because they are too big for my scanner, so I had to photograph them. But just look at all the fabulous details! Can I show you all the plates I bought? I love them so much, I can't pick just a couple to show you. Do scroll past if its too much for you -

I could look at them for hours! Ahem, there are just a few more.......

A few postcards, some lovely ones of Paris, dated between 1906 and 1915 -

And this wildlife book. The illustrations really grabbed me, they are so colourful -

A few bits of music, very tatty, so I won't mind taking them apart and using them for tags and collages etc -

And last but not least, this sweet little Alice in Wonderland book. The illustrations look quite chunky, woodcuts perhaps -

One of the things I would love to find is a hat with lovely old millinery flowers. Sigh, hasn't happened yet, and probably never will either, they seem to have disappeared from the face of the earth. But what I did find, and just couldn't resist because it is such a fun shape, is this pink concoction. Oh my, did I look a sight when I tried it on ( fortunately by myself, at home, with no witnesses, lol ). But you gotta admit, its a great shade of pink, it such a great shape, and it is in pristine condition, I love it! -

Aren't buttons getting scarce? I thought myself very lucky to find a small tin of buttons on Sunday, doesn't happen very often anymore. Most of the buttons really were very vintage indeed, some lovely mother-of-pearl buttons, some 1920/30s art deco buttons, and some tiny tiny Victorian silk buttons and boot buttons. AND a couple of really beautiful Victorian jet buttons, so precious. There were a couple of other things, like wooden cotton reels, in the shoe box the tin was in, so I ended up with that as well, arrgghh, some of those things I really really didn't want, lol. But the two little glass shells are quite pretty -

I found this little box on Sunday, but haven't cleaned it yet. I hope you can see how pretty is under all that dirt. The top is silverplate, I think, such a lovely floral design, and the glass itself has such a sweet little pattern as well -

Anything with roses is just irresistible, and the design on this bowl is so pretty -

Ah, errm, yes, I also have a thing for gloves, so I couldn't leave these behind -

Milk glass is beautiful, don't you think?

I may have mentioned once or twice that I love wood, especially old tools etc, because the handles are so tactile. This isn't exactly an old tool, but an old butter mould. Tactile it is, though. See how it is waisted so that you can hold it comfortably? Love it! -

This beautiful thing is damaged unfortunately. One of the handles had been broken and has been glued together again, but what a botch job, grrr. Still, that green is so delicious and the flowers so pretty, I can overlook the botched handle -

Now unless you are into mixed media/fabric collages or any kind of crafting, you'd think me totally bonkers when you see this -

yep, a huge roll of hessian/burlap, meant for use in upholstery, but gosh, so many possibilities for crafting with.

Almost at the end now, are you still with me, lol?

Just a sweet little shaker with a silverplate top, and POILS, goils! These are in fantastic condition, they are heavy and have the most amazing shimmer. I wore them yesterday and it felt really good -

Oops, almost overlooked this last item, although how anybody could overlook a 7lb !!! tin is beyond me, lol. 7 lbs of sweeties.... long gone now, sadly -

I have no idea whether there will be another boot fair on the weekend, or even this year. Somehow I am almost hoping there won't be, lol, so that I can get on with other things, hmm.....
We'll see.

Toodlepip for now, xxx


Sheila said...

oh my gosh you find the most beautiful things. I need to take you with me and then you can get the best!!!
Everything is so lovely-you are so lucky!

Andi's English Attic said...

Well I have to say everything looks wonderful, except...I have to be honest...the hat. It's not because I'm alergic to pink - I just can't imagine anyone wearing it without some joker putting a hook through that top bow. Now if it were a boudoir box (with a lid) to keep stockings and tights in, I think it would be a very pretty piece. :) xx

Elizabethd said...

What a haul! I'm afraid the hat , to me, resembles a tea cosy, albeit a very smart one!

Sarah said...

I thought the hat looked like a bee hive! Do be careful of stings when you are wearing it. Really not a fashion piece I'm afraid. The rest are very lovely esp the plates. Are they just pieces of paper for framing? If only I could come and visit you to see just how you store all these things you keep bringing home. Must be like the tardis your house!

ben... MinnieM... mais toute seule... said...

especially your books make me dream !! if I could only tear one or two of them to stick on my altered book ;-)

Dorthe said...

Sweet Liz,
how gorgeus finds, the plates are fantastic ,how do you find so wonderfull things, dear-
The burlap, oohhhh you was lucky, and the milkglass, so beautifull-Liz I can go on- buttons, rose porzelain-the glowes, old books, and,and,and----So many interesting,-and beautifull things, that would take me a summer to find here-----
Have a lovely evening dear friend-thanks for the trip to flea market-heaven!
Love , Dorthe

Xela said...

Wow das ist ja irre! Wenn ich die Sachen sehe die du alle gefunden hast freu ich mich doch gleich wieder auf den nächsten Flohmarkt. Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Abend Lizzy. liebe Grüße Alexandra

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Liz,
omg, more wonderful goodies! You are always lucky and spot the best stuff.TFS!
Have a great day.

Debra said...

Love the wooden butter mold. I have some wooden cookie molds and collect spoons and wooden bowls- love the feel of it. I have never seen a hat quite like that one! Thanks,Liz, for visiting my blog.

Home and Heart said...

You found some gorgeous items! Love the vase, square glass jar AND the wonderful burlap!!

harmony and rosie said...

You've done it again Liz. You would not believe the rubbish I see at boot fairs, you clearly live in a much classier area!!

Anonymous said...

We just can't find things like this in the states, Liz! Hmmm....if I could DRIVE to England, I'd join you on your next boot sale jaunt!
Hugs, Diane

Karen said...

LOVE the burlap!!! And the buttons!!!!!!!
As my friend Joy would say
"Start the car!"
(It's an old Ikea commercial here in the States.)

:) Karen

Anonymous said...

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Mom E. said...

I LOVE the glass box! .....you know what I am going to ask....the toffe tin and the shaker....girl you have way too many pearls....I am SURE I need to take some off your hands! LOL