Friday, 15 October 2010

Lady Luck has been kind to me

It was quite funny really. I had entered a giveaway on Lorraine's blog, The Balancing Kiwi, to try and win some of her beautifully handmade goodies. She drew the winners, and I wasn't one of them. Awwww. Then the next day I was reading her blog and was absolutely gobsmacked to see my name on a little piece of paper, announcing I was a winner after all! Just go and quickly read her explanation why I was a winner after all HERE. It is at the end of her post. Isn't that funny? I was of course thrilled that I would receive some of her beautifully made creations, and I could even chose what colours I would like.

I got this lovely package in the post today. Do you ever try and guess what it is without looking at where or whom it is from? Do you squidge it or shake it gently? I admit to squidging it every so lightly, it just felt so lovely and soft, and I knew immediately it was my gift from Lorraine -

She had made this curlywurly scarf especially for me in colours I love, a dishcloth with a big L for Lizzie on it, and a gorgeous heart -

Isn't this dishcloth just the prettiest thing? I am taking it to France and will display it proudly in the cottage. It is far too pretty to be used every day -

This heart will look so nice hanging up in my armoire -

Aaaah, this scarf, I love it. It is soft and snuggly and looks gorgeous. I tried it with a beige winter jumper and it was the perfect accessory. You know, I think it looks almost organic, it somehow reminds me of those beautiful ornamental cabbages, so frilly and pretty. Is that daft, lol?

Sometimes Lady Luck does get it right, lol.

I was also really chuffed to receive a lovely award from the very sweet Karen at Tilly Rose a little while ago -

Isn't that just the sweetest? Thank you so much, Karen, for being so kind about my blog, I really appreciate it.

Thats it for today, gotta rush off and prepare dinner for my darlings. Toodlepip xxx


marigold jam said...

Aren't we lucky to both be winners of Lorraine's lovely giveaway! The scarves are so pretty aren't they I too have tried mine in several different ways and it is lovely. I don't think I can bear to use my dishcloth either but the little heart will certainly be hung where I can enjoy it and the lovely lavender it contains.

Jane x

Xela said...

Wahnsinn! Du Glückskind :) Wunderschöne Sachen Lizzy. Schönen Abend wünsche ich dir. liebe Grüße Alexandra

Serenata said...

So glad you like all your goodies and that they arrived safely. You have written a really lovely post thank you. :-)

Dorthe said...

oh yes, you was so very lucky, dear.
such wonderfull dishcloth, Couldn`t bear to use it....and the scharf looks real warm, and beautifull,--it is fantastic, and so special, ----- all the love and caring, we all meet the most lovely adventure ever.
Sending you a BIG week-end hug,sweet-
Love ,Dorthe

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Congratulations Liz! I'm so happy
for you.
Enjoy and have a lovely Sunday.

Romeo said...

Dinner??!! Did mew say d-i-n-n-e-r? I'll be right there! Want me to bring some dessert? I can whip up a mouse, er, I mean a mouuse or is that mousse?!

I hope you are having a grand weekend!


Romeo (who thinks M. Liz is the cat's meow)

LiLi M. said...

Is that your place in France, in the header? Ahhh it is awesome anyway! You were spoiled!
Have a sunny Sunday!