Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Most Wonderful Morning

Yesterday morning really was quite special. It all started out normal, doggies waking us up at 6, my DH taking them for their walk and then bringing me up a cup of tea. Me reading for a while and enjoying the tea, getting up etc etc, and then I turned on my computer to check emails. And that was when I had the bestest start to the day anybody could have, a really lovely email from a bloggy friend who had made a purchase from me. The email really did make my day, it was that wonderful! And that was only the start. Couple of hours later, there was a knock on the door, and a friendly smiley postman handed over two packages. TWO packages! Both from the States. Oh my. I got quite nervous actually, lol. You know what it is like when you are trying to open a package and you are so excited, your fingers just don't want to do what you want them to do? That was me.

You all know by now how much I love vintage stuff, ephemera is my current love, and fabrics. And guess what I received in the mail??? Well I gave you a big clue there, lol. Let me explain. A couple of weeks ago I won a giveaway from Rhonda at the A Little Bit French blog. This girl is amazing, she really is so generous. EVERY week she posts a giveaway of one of her beautiful French inspired creations, and I had been trying to win one for what seemed like forever! I was the lucky person to win Miss Libby! She arrived beautifully wrapped -

Miss Libby graces the front cover of a fantastic journal full of gorgeous ephemera bits. See for yourself, I'll just let you flick through some of the pages -

Am I a lucky girl, or what? If you haven't been to Rhonda's blog before, do go and have a look, she creates the loveliest French treasures. She also has a great etsy shop where she sells all those gorgeous goodies. I bet you are going to love them.

Now that would surely be enough for anybody to have the most fabulous day, right? But it seems all good things really do come in threes, because as well as the email which so touched my heart, and the beautiful giveaway win, I also received a package from another blogger friend, Diane. I betcha most of you will already know her, but just in case you are one of the few who haven't come across her blog yet, just take a look at her blog Diane Knotts Musings. You'll be amazed at what you'll find there. She is a renowned fabric designer whose designs sell all over the world, and are so much loved by quilters and fabricoholics everywhere, and guess what? She sent me a huge stack of her fabrics! OMG, it was absolute heaven for a fabric lover like me. And you know what the theme of this particular series of fabrics is? TEA!!! I am a confirmed tea drinker, never touch coffee, so she really couldn't have chosen better. It was bliss unfolding them and putting them together in different ways and getting all sorts of ideas running through my head. Apart from being a wonderful artist, who paints and designs fabrics, she also is an absolute whizz at making the most distinctive cards and tags, and I received another one of her tags to join my growing collection, woohoo. Ok, ok, enough writing, you need pics, of course you do.

Diane always add such lovely little touches to everything, just look at the parcel, and the sweet little address labels -

The softest dress making pattern paper spilled out of the box when I opened it -

and underneath was this, the sweetest little stand up bag filled with lavender and soap, the loveliest tag and a wrapped package, soft and squeezable and full of promise -

OMG, a stack of fabrics!!! -

Anyone for tea?

All those wonderful fabrics designed by Diane, what an amazing talent. Her etsy shop is full of the most beautiful creations as well, pillows and sachets, scarves and totes.

You won't be surprised when I tell you that I had the grinniest grin on my face all day long. A huge hug and the biggest thank you to both Rhonda and Diane for making my day so very special.

Toodlepip xxx


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Liz, I was very happy for you, when I saw that you had won one of Rhonda's giveaways! She's indeed very generous and so creative. Not long ago I had been a lucky winner. Have fun with that beautiful journal!
Diane has really spoiled you by sending you all those pretty fabrics. Now you can sew a lap quilt for the winter time to cuddle underneath while you have a wonderful cup of tea :-). The soap box is so romantic looking and must smell heavenly. Enjoy all the goodies!
Have a lovely afternoon :-)!
Hugs to you,

Serenata said...

Now really Liz, you can't possibly want all those wonderful gorgeous fabrics. I will of course be more than happy to relieve you of the terrible pressure (joy) of receiving them. I mean goodness, one can only have so much loveliness now can they?

You lucky girl, glad you have had such a special day.

Xela said...

Wow hast du tolle Sachen bekommen da hätte ich mich auch gefreut und dann auch gleich noch 2 Päckchen :O Herzlichen Glückwunsch Lizzy. Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Abend. liebe Grüße Alexandra

Dorthe said...

Hi dearest Liz,
you lucky girl--to win from Rhonda, must be gorgeus, --she makes the most beautifull things- and I love visiting her for eye-candy, and beauty, she is such a sweet woman.
And then from Diane,too- .......
The little box is adorable, and the tag ,too,- I do have a very big heart for the creations from Diane,also, and love the things I have got from her-and bought.

I think Julie `s idea, about a lap quilt, sounds wonderfull---but there are hundreds of possibilities,with all those lovely created fabricks, of her`s .

I sure understand your smiling face, taht day, sweetie.
Big hug-Dorthe

sissie said...

Hi Liz,
I know both of these talented ladies and you are one lucky girl to be the recipient of their talented art.

I would be excited too to receive such wonderful gifts.


Anonymous said...

I'm sp pleased that you had such a good day, I bet it really lifted your spirits. Now did your Postie comment on your parcels? The only thing that mine says is 'Do you know that you have left your keys in the door....again'!xx

Anonymous said... can stop making me blush now! I'm just so happy that you liked everything, Liz! The only thing better than sending you the tea fabric would be to actually meet you and have a REAL high tea somewhere in Rye together!
Hugs, sweet lady!

April Cottage Ramblings said...

I could feel the joy and excitement as I was reading your blog. Congratulations. I have just posted my first giev away as I have been blogging for just over 1 year now. please call by and visit me Jayne