Friday, 1 October 2010

Last Few of the Vide Greniers Finds........ I think

Can I tease you a little to start with? Just a little, lol? Have a look at this pic, do you recognise the symbol/trade mark?

No? Perhaps it is easier to see on the side of the little box?

Alright, tease over, it is Swarovski Crystal of course. Probably the best crystal you can get. My mother used to collect the little Swarovski figures for many years and has a lovely collection. This gorgeous treasure is staying with me though, not gonna give it away, no way. I love it. Not the box, of course but whats in it!

Six absolutely gorgeous, sparkly little candleholders. You got to see them in real life to really appreciate their fabulous sparkle.

They are going to look so lovely at Christmas time, on the dinner table, can you picture it?

Of course I also brought home a few more very vintage button cards. They are becoming quite difficult to find as well, darn, these French are getting wise to what we like. I especially love the cards with the really big buttons on, they are so perfect for button closures on handmade bags and totes

After I had taken this pic, I found some more cards in the bag, oops -

The tiny little silk thread covered buttons are the cutest little things, so perfect for period dolls clothes.

And talking of tiny, I found a little bunch of tiny keys as well. Geez, these tiny ones cost a whole lot more than the big ones! So not fair, lol -

Oh, and little bit more sparkle! Just some odd drops, but they are so pretty -

I was really pleased to find this antique velvet cross as well, because it is in uncommonly good condition. Usually the velvet is terribly worn, but this one doesn't show any signs of wear. Somebody looked after it extremely well, it obviously meant a lot to them -

I also came across these two religious plaques,

Did you see the beautiful old glitter in the first plaque?

And how about these? Three little boxes of gorgeous Perl Cotton embroidery thread-

Now these things had me somewhat confuzzled. They are knife rests, but not like any I have seen or used before. They have these dinky little bowls at either end, and the only thing I can think of is that they were meant for individual salt and pepper portions. Which is quite sensible, then you don't have to pass the normal salt and pepper cellar round the table. I love using knife rests, btw and I have a few French glass salt and pepper cellars as well. I like taking a pinch of pepper or salt out of the cellars.

I remember taking a little milk urn like this one to the shop to get the milk when I was a little girl and I can still in my mind see the lady behind the counter pulling this enormous handle on the tank and the milk spurting out into my little milk urn -

And we are almost down the very last items now. These are a bit OOH LA LA. I do love vintage clothing and lingerie etc is part of that as well. I am always delighted when I find these 40s/50s undergarments-

Yep a gorgeous old corset and the cutest little garter belt, all absolutely unused and still with labels!

And last but most definitely not least, a really precious find, a beautiful small Art Nouveau ( end of the 19th C ) pewter tray, probably made as an ashtray, but far too gorgeous for that. Isn't it the prettiest little thing for a dressing table? -

Well I think thats it, if I find I have missed out anything else, then thats just too bad, lol. I haven't even photographed the things I have bought at the couple of bootfairs I recently went to. So thats next on my to-do list.

Have a lovely day, toodlepip xxx


Xela said...

wow sind das geile Schätze! Die kleinen Kerzenleuchter sind wirklich zu süß und die Miniknöpfe, total goldig! Gut dass du soweit weg bist sonst würde ich in Versuchung kommen dir die kleinen Schlüsselchen zu dieben ;) liebe Grüße Alexandra

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

Awesome finds! You really scored! I absolutley adore the candle holders and knife rests! I also really like the religious "stuff." Can you say "religious stuff?" Anyway, wonderful things! I am so jealous! I was supposed to be going to a huge vintage "flea market" today, but work calls instead!
Enjoy your great treasures!

Floss said...

In-CRED-ible! Lovely finds. I've never seen the knife rests with those little bowls, either. Not thinking too hard about the buttons...

marble rose said...

Gosh I love everything - but especially the picture of my saint (I call her mine) - St Therese patron st. of France. People called her the "little flower" "petite fleur" because after her death she was supposed to have sent a shower of roses upon the land. hence my name
" Fleur Therese".

Thanks for the blogging!


Serenata said...

You've done it again Liz, taunted us with all your gorgeous finds. The candle holders are wonderful and will be absolutely perfect for Christmas.

The corset ooh la la...think I could do with one of those after all the bread I have started eating!

Where DO you store all your goodies?

Green thumb said...

Love the milk urn! ..we're not jealous at all of your finds..we've just some smoke coming out from our nose and ears! Ha ha!
Have a lovely weekend!

Elizabethd said...

More amazing finds...wht dont we have Brocantes like that herre?

Home and Heart said...

I have to say I am SERIOUSLY jealous!!! GORGEOUS finds!! Take me next time.......pretty please? :-)

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Liz,
you always find the best treasures! Oh, I can relate to the milkcan - I used to drink half of it by the way I came home.
Have a wonderful weekend.

vicki said...

Oh my - your treasures are just amazing - the button and threads - the crystal candleholders - be still my heart! I love everything you found! So amazing -

Thanks for posting about my give away - I will keep my fingers crossed that sweet Maddy girls draws your name for the prize! (that would just thrill me!)


Rustique Gal said...

Liz, what gorgeous stuff! I love it all, especially the sewing things, buttons, embroidery thread...I wish I had more room for collecting!
Have a great weekend!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Packed with all your finds, I'm glad your car didn't have a broken axle on your way back home, Liz ;-). Those knife rests are cool! I've never seen ones with such little bowls on both ends. The silk thread covered buttons are adorable and I too can never have enough cute littel keys. It's amazing that you found those undergarnments with the original tags still attached. Great finds!
Have a lovely weekend!

Andi's English Attic said...

Fabulous finds. Especially the tiny buttons, the silks in the box and the 'ashtray'. Can't comment on the corset - I'm speechless with envy. :) xx

harmony and rosie said...

Just as I thought I'd found a favourite, down I scrolled and yet another goodie came up. You really are a jammy dodger Liz - not fair, not fair x

Kelly said...

Ohhh! Lovely bits again!! I love the buttons! And i'm only a bit jealous of your crystal bits and bobs! I love how it sparkles!!!

Sandy Michelle said...

Those are such unique and lovely finds!!!

Sandy xox

Carol said...

So many gorgeous finds here. I love all of them. Those under garments remind me of the ones my Mum used to roll on! xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh how funny that girdle is, Liz! The other day I saw a picture somewhere of a lady who made a lovely lace blouse with a sweet peplum and at the bottom of it she sewed garters! Hysterical! Not something one would wear down the street and not expect to have people staring at you! LOL!
Hugs, Diane

Sarah said...

I can completely see the table set for Christmas and those lovely little candle holders sparkling with candle light. They are just the prettiest things. I have a lovely double crystal holder that comes out every Christmas and I love it.

Now those threads are very pretty colours. Can you use them for something? Lovely little keys too. Your Vide whatsits looks so pretty and lovely to visit. I so which I could go to one.

sissie said...

If there is a treasure out there to be found, then you'll find it!
I always loving looking at your lovely finds. I love everything, but that vintage corset and bra is amazing! Can you imagine wearing that contraption! LOL. No wonder the tags were still on it. I just love it though.


Karen said...

Wait! Hold on! What was that? Did I just hear a scream?
No - YOU just heard a scream as I scroll over and over all your WONDERFUL treasures! OMG! I would've been in Heaven to find all this. I especially love the candle holders. I've never seen any like that before! And the S & P and butter knife holders! Never seen anything like that either. Hmmm . . . I am REALLY liking that corset!
And to think my mother wore something similar. UGH!
Sigh. You found a TON of wonderful stuff! I am so JEALOUS! I am so glad you shared. I love LOTS of pictures!
Have a great day!
Karen :)

Mom E. said...

I cannot even type your name correctly I a so excited! I LOVE LOVE the silk covered gold buttons...and the gorgeous candle exquisite! the knife rests are so fun, I want to get some of those, and the DMC boxes......Oh, I love those!!! Fun fun fun reading your posts, even the older posts!
Get feeling better soon!