Thursday, 22 October 2009

Inbetween making soaps......

I found a little bit of time to take a couple of pics.

Last Sunday, before setting up for the second day of the fair, we sneaked off to a bootsale. I didn't find a lot, I came home with a knitted tea cosy, a picture of an old soap advertisement, and an Art Deco green glass bowl, not a single button, sigh. I do love pressed glass, mine is mostly Victorian, but Art Deco, green glass in particular, does appeal to me as well. The green is such a gorgeous rich colour. When I took the bowl upstairs to take a pic, I saw this green and orange doily lying around, and it did look quite nice with the bowl. The doily is a vintage beauty, just look at those gorgeous flowers, even though the orange space dyed thread is not quite me -

And this is the Art Deco bowl I fell in love with -

Bowls should not be empty, make them happy, let them do their job and fill them with something! I filled mine with all the little flowers I have crocheted so far for the lanky I am making -

Now, before I go back to making soaps, let me remind you to please take a look at my side bar and the really fabulous giveaway right at the very top! Annie from the Birdcages & Butterflies blog is giving away some must-have blocks, go click on the pic and check them out.



Michela said...

That's the perfect place for your gorgeus flowers!

Annie @ Birdcages n Butterflies x said...

Liz you're too Fab!!
LOVE LOVE LOVE those Crochet flowers!!
Thanks for the link up hun xx
Annie x

Sarah said...

Oh I just remembered I'm supposed to be doing your challenge! Must do that.

That crochet doily is incredible! The flowers really are crochet too?
I've just started to fill bowls up in our house too, much more homely.

juanitatortilla said...

I think the orange spaced dye yarn makes the doily work! It is such a lovely pastel green. You must have a lot of sitting / bed space for so many lankies :) But it really is the lanky season now, isn't it?

Elizabethd said...

Very pretty glass bowl.

Kelly said...

I love art deco glass! I have managed to find a few bits! I love my butter dish I use it all the time xxx