Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Can you darn?

In her comment on yesterday's post, where I mentioned darning mushrooms

lovely Sarah from Red Gingham was asking about what was needed for darning socks. Were you serious, Sarah? Well, whether you were or not, no matter, because now you are going to get a lesson in darning anyway! Not from me, I hasten to add, I haven't darned in decades. I still remember the basics, and in theory I should still be able to do it, but in practice? Errrmmm.

Anyway, dear Sarah, so here is what you need - firstly, a sock with a hole in it, but apparently thats not a problem. Then you need a nice fat darning needle, a darning mushroom, which you say you have, and darning wool, which is something like this -

And then, of course, you need somebody to show you how to do it. As I said before, thats not going to be me, lol, but I found this video, which is pretty good. I have no idea how to put the actual video on here, I am so blog challenged, lol.

Sometimes, when I buy antique nighties or sheets, I find tiny little darns on them, which are so neatly done that you can hardly see them. Done with the finest threads and such precision, it really amazes me. I couldn't find anything which I have at the moment to illustrate that, but I did come across an old photo I had taken of a darn on a linen sheet. You really need to click on it to enlarge it to appreciate how fine this darn is -

How I wish I could darn like that!

Last week sometime, I realised that I am getting perilously close to 100 posts! The big day could even be tomorrow. I suppose I ought to do something in true blogger fashion to commemorate this momentous occasion??? Like a bit of a giveaway? Well, you will have to check in tomorrow to see what I'll do. If anything. Might just whistle nonchalantly and ignore it. Yeah right, as if you lot would let me get away with that. We'll see tomorrow. xx


Floss said...

I hope Juanita gets to see this - she was asking me the other day and I completely failed to reply (oops)!

Did you see my wooden egg - I think it's the French equivalent of a darning mushroom?

I have some of those stunning little darns on my vintage linens. Isn't it amazing that they are so invisible!

Michela said...

If I can darn??? I can't even fix a button! ...your mushrooms would be very good for "Risotto"!!! Just kidding!

Floss said...

Hello - I've just posted about my super blue swap parcel from Kate!

Lululiz said...

Honestly, I rushed over to my reading list, and what did I find? Nothing, not there, blogger is being slow, and I was soooooooooo keen on seeing your post! Serves me right for being so impatient, lol.

Sarah said...

Oh Liz you are a love doing my homework for me! Kidding I was not. Now if only I could find threads half as lovely looking at Spotlight today, I'd be pleased. Can't wait to begin mending! Well actually I can think of plenty else I'd rather do, I'm not that sad.