Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Great weather for ducks and gardeners

Did it ever pour down today! I had to go out a couple of times and just sprinting the few steps from the car to the doors got me soaked right through. Even the dogs refused to go out, couldn't even get them to go out into the garden, let alone for a walk. I literally had to push Poppy out, and thats not an easy thing when you got one very stubborn 40kg muscle packed Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch.

One of my trips involved delivering soap to a fairly local customer, and it just so happened that there were two charity shops very near her. My son was driving me, he has driven me just about everywhere for the last week or so in his first ever car, I wonder how long that will last? We had left early because of the heavy rain ( teehee, that was my excuse anyway ) and as I was accidently on purpose early, I popped into the shops. Wasn't the greatest ever day, but I did find some lovely MOP buttons. Mind you, it did take me a good 10 minutes or so to rummage through the bowl they had on the shelf and find them all. Some were the teeniest tiniest MOP buttons I had ever seen. Got a couple of other things, too. I suppose you'd like to see piccies, right? The light was dreadful, couldn't get any decent pics at all, and I very much dislike taking pics with flash, but, couldn't be helped.

Tins, luverly tins, can never resist those. This is another Huntley & Palmer tin to match the one I already have, and a cool old tin with scenes of London -

This cute little basket is decorated with the sweetest handpainted roses, how could I possibly resist? -

This little table cloth is so prettily embroidered -

And look, look, buttons! -

And talking of buttons, this is another work in progress, an Ocean Blue button necklace-

It was such a grey, horrid, colourless day, I bought these two little mini cyclamens. I think they are adorable. Just look at the pink one, so delicately rimmed with a darker shade. The deep red one is much much nicer in real life, a very deep velvety burgundy red, it doesn't show up properly in the photo, grrr -


Kelly said...

Great finds!
Love the Buttons!

Lots of LOve

Kelly xxx

Sarah said...

Another pretty necklace! Very nice indeed. If it makes you feel any better the weather over here is rubbish as well, has been for weeks. Must be the change over in seasons. But why are these holidays always grotty? I really aren't too keen on them at all.

Those buttons are very pretty. Are the glass looking ones really glass? I have one, probably from Floss and I've been wondering.

Michela said...

Autumn it's definitely here if you've bought the cyclamens! Love the deep red one!

Floss said...

Arg! Those are MY buttons!.. Is it possible to be pathologially jealous about MOP buttons?

On a more generous note, I've posted Kate's yellow parcel. What fun that was!

I was also looking for a photo of cyclamen to show the boys - they've reached the 'Cyclamen Woods' in My Family and Other Animals, and my cyclamens never survive long, so they didn't know what they were reading about.