Thursday, 8 October 2009

Bits and pieces, again

Hurrah, at last we have a little bit of sunshine. I know I did complain about the lack of natural day light when we had the horrid rain the last few days, so I thought I had better take advantage of the decent light today and take a few pics of bits and pieces which I hadn't blogged about yet.

As you all probably know by now, I love antique and vintage fabrics and linens, especially French ones, and I was thrilled to bits when I found this French ticking teddy. Isn't he just adorable? Look at that happy smile on his darling little face. Poppy quite liked him as well, but I removed him rather quickly, soft toys and Ridgebacks just don't go together, lol. My two play tug-o-war with them and you can imagine what they look like after a minute or two. Anway, here are some pics of Ticking Ted -

Edwardian French postcards, I adore them. Unfortunately, they are rather expensive, even at Vide Greniers. I had never allowed myself to buy any in the past, until our last stay in France a few weeks ago that is, because these were actually reasonably priced, woohoo -

Floss, help me out here, whats with the fish and April 1st? Is that still something current or was that just some custom or other in the distant past?

I found this lovely old plant pot holder in a local charity shop. Has to go to France of course, its decorated with roses!

I WAS going to show you a few pics of some fabricy things which I acquired at a jumble sale last week, but..................... can't do it, sigh. Floss said she is already sick, and I really wouldn't want to make her any worse. Oh, there were some strange fabricy things, some lovely fabricy things, and some real ooooh aaaaahhh fabricy things..............



Pomona said...

I love the ticking ted! Bring on the fabric is what I always say - can't wait to see it. And I thought you would like to know that I have just posted my swap parcel to Beki - gold stars all round!

Pomona x

Sarah said...

Look at that big soppy Poppy! In love with Ticking Ted. How sweet is that? Now please put those cards away and bring on the fabric!!! Come on Liz that's just mean. Is it pretty? Any paisley?

Lululiz said...

I see, so you all want me to be responsible for Floss' misery and ill health, eh? Didn't you read her last comment? How could I possibly do that to her. Oh, and no, no paisleys, no ginghams, not even any napkins, instead I was going to show you pics of dfjkweop dkwpaf, fjwopsajhm, oepjhfk fjwwofff, oh, keyboard broke, sghekd wosdfh

Floss said...

Thanks for your concern, Liz - I actually managed that one without physical illness! Small doses, that's the ticket...

'Poisson d'avril' is still up and running - French April Fools' jokes consist of sticking a paper fish to someone's back. You can also get chocolate fish for the day... I honestly have no idea why!

Michela said...

What beautiful cards you have!!!
Ha ha! When I was a child I used to stick a paper fish to someone's back too! How silly!
On the 1st April all jokes are allowed in Italy!

Jackie said...

Love the little French ticking teddy ~ he's adorable (so is that lovely big cuddly doggy!) :O)

Kelly said...

Teddy is cute but your dog looks so angelic I want to give him (I don't know why I'm assuming he is a he?) a big cuddle!
I love the postcards too they are really pretty!

Lots of Love

Kelly xxxx