Tuesday, 20 October 2009


In yesterday's post I mentioned that I found some buttons on the weekend. Some were a little ordinary, but red and pink, which is good of course, some were biiiiig, which is also good, some were very pretty vintage ones, which is excellent, but most of them were the dinkiest, prettiest, loveliest, shiniest mother of pearl buttons, woohoo, which is fantastic!!!

A lovely elderly lady, strangely enough called the Button Lady, lol, had a stall at the little craft fair with trays and trays of buttons in all sizes, shapes and colours. Most of them were fairly standard pretty buttons in a rainbow of colours, but she also had a basket full of little sets of vintage buttons. I couldn't resist getting these -

Aren't those three huge mink coloured buttons the prettiest ever? I can see them as a centrepiece amidst mother of pearl buttons in a fab button necklace.

And speaking of mother of pearls buttons, here they are, looking gorgeous, even though I haven't cleaned them yet -

The Button Lady had a little bowl full of tiny coloured buttons and these MOP ones were hiding amongst them. The fair wasn't really very busy at all, so I spent ages looking through this little bowl, trying to find every last one of these MOP buttons. Some of them were incredibly tiny, so it was quite difficult. A couple of times I ran off with the bowl back to my stand because I had customers, god knows what the Button Lady must have thought, lol, but I was not going to put the bowl down and risk somebody else getting MY mother of pearl buttons. She was a real sweetie, actually, and didn't mind at all, she said I looked very trustworthy.

And now for something completely different. Queenmothermamaw has set me a bit of a challenge, 8 questions to answer, so here goes -

1 - 6 names I go by - errrm, do I really have to tell?
Lululiz ( on the blog )

now don't anybody dare call me the last two, alright?!?!?!?!?

2 - Three things I am wearing right now
pink socks
pink slippers
black jumper

I'll have you know thats NOT ALL I am wearing!

3 - Three things I want very badly at the moment
To be in France
A very special crochet book ( flowers )
A housekeeper/maid/slave, sigh, to clear up the mess I seem to be making everywhere

4 - Three things I did last night
cuddled my doggies
crocheted some more flowers for the lanky

5 - Two things I ate yesterday
tortellini with a garlic and chive butter

6 - Two people you last talked to on the phone
My darling husband
No. 2 son

7 - Two things to do tomorrow
make soap
make facial serums

8 - Three favourite beverages
Earl Grey tea
Chai tea
Pimms ( in the summer )

Phew, finished. I'll think about whom to pass this on to. I am ready for a brew now, I shall have a nice cup of Chai, methinks.



Michela said...

...I'm off to check in my German dictionary the meaning of Baumstumpf! :)

Lululiz said...


Michela said...

How can they be so rude with a lovely Lady like you????

Florence and Mary said...

What is it about buttons and why we love them so much!

Victoria xx

Hippy at Heart said...

It's a good job Her Maj is in Portugal coz she'd think of a couple more names for you.
If you were to ever meet Liz in the flesh you'd know why she is called Shorty or that other German word. She really is tiny. lol Sorry titch. xx

Anonymous said...

Hey that was great. I love the button story and your answers to the meme. I love the one where it ask what you have one. I wonder if anyone makes that up. Blessings

Kelly said...

Love your buttons!
You are very brave ha ha i kinda think i Know what it means!
My brother calls me Chunk :)

Lots of Love

Kelly xxxx

Sarah said...

I'll just call you Dearest Liz and stay safe. I know's what's good for me!

Very smart buttons up there. You are on a roll with these necklaces aren't you? Good to have something like that.

I found your game very interesting and fun. Great to get to know each other better.

Lululiz said...

OK, then Dearest Sarah, I pass these questions on to you. HAH! I shall leave a message on your blog as well, just in case....

LissyLou said...

loved this ;)