Thursday, 29 October 2009

The giveaway stash is growing

Since yesterday's post, 5 more wonderful people have added themselves to the Followers thingy in the sidebar, so I had to add 5 more things to the GIVEAWAY stash.

Right, lets get started then. Firstly I added a piece of vintage 1970s Designers Guild fabric, big enough for a large cushion front or a few smaller projects-

Then I added a few yards of this oh so delicate antique French lace, it is absolutely delightful and so elegant in its simplicity-

Next, a couple of yards of a narrow vintage braid-

A doily, can't have a giveaway without one of my doilies, lol-

oh, and Sarah Smith cleaning cloth, because I think they are fab-

So this is the GIVEAWAY stash so far -

Soooooooooo, whats going to be next, if more people join the Followers? Hmmm, I may have some vintage buttons on standby, there may be some lovely 50s embroidered pieces, a selection of small pieces of vintage rose fabrics for your dainty pretties, perhaps a delicate beaded necklace, a luxurious handmade soap on a vintage tea plate .......... I might even have something fabricy, antique, French, and very oh la la in mind....

So, its up to you gals how many more bits and pieces are going to be added to this giveaway, go on, follow, lol. GULP. Put the giveaway button onto your sidebar and link back, and you get a second chance at winning. Just leave me a comment to let me know you have done it.

Back to work now, making lots of lovely giftpacks for the upcoming Christmas Fairs. xx


LissyLou said...

The winners going to be soo lucky LuLuiz!!!

Michela said...

Too much generous!!!

Sarah said...

Now this is getting exciting!! I love that cloth! We only have plain yellow ones, so very boring indeed. Imagine the joy in the kitchen with a stripy one.

marble rose said...

Wow - Lovely giveaway - You have definitely got another loyal follower!!


Heart in the country said...

Lovely giveaway Liz. I was already following but it wasn't showing up, so I de-followed and added myself again :0)


Florence and Mary said...

WOW you keep adding such wonderful things to this giveaway!

Have a great weekend,

Victoria xx

marigold jam said...

How generous! Whoever gets this stash will be lucky indeed.