Thursday, 10 December 2015

Today is the start of the AUCTIONS!!!

A big thank-you-hug to you beautiful people who have responded to my last post. I really appreciate you commenting and perhaps participating when you are busy busy busy with Christmas preparation. But then, what better time of the year to be charitable? On a somewhat sadder note, I was disappointed that hardly any of my best bloggie friends showed any interest. I always thought you such caring, sharing people and it kinda hurt to feel the absence of your support. 

Suzy of the gorgeous suziqusthreadworks gave me a great list of what she ( and hopefully others as well ) would like to see in the auctions. Thank you, Suzy! I have been photographing bits and pieces all morning, and I will list each item in a separate post to make bidding on something easy. Bidding should be in US$ as some of you are all over the world and that makes it easy to tell who is the highest bidder at any one time, but payment can be made in US dollars, Pounds or Euros. I'll leave each auction up for 5 days, and then notify the winner. Payment by Paypal please. When all auctions are finished, I'll tally it all up and divide it between the rescue charities I mentioned in the last post. I'll show you the payment confirmations! I know these items won't reach you before you Christmas, but hey, it will be a nice thing to look forward to when the January blues set in, lol.

Here is my box of auction items so far ( mostly according to Suzy's wish list, lol ), I am sure there will be a few more items over the next few days :-) -

I'll be back with the first couple of auctions in a jiffy!
Toodlepip xxx

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