Tuesday 9 April 2019

Eco Printing on Paper Part 2 :-)

Here we go, part 2 of eco printing on paper, third batch! As I mentioned yesterday, I didn't want to dispose of the rusty iron water from the second batch, so I picked a few more of those lovely pink flowers from the bush which looks like a currant bush and a couple of other bits, and put them in the pot with the used water. The results were so rich and deep, but more deep rusty brown rather than the greys from the day before

You know, once you are bitten by a particular bug, you just want to do more and more. So of course I wanted to make a 4th batch! I had disposed of the used iron water and needed more rusty bits to add to the lovely clean once-rusty iron bits I already had in the post. DH to the rescue with these bits -

I think I added much more vinegar to the water than in batch 2 and 3. I loved the results.
I folded some of the papers this time, Rorschach test style :-)

I think this rose leaf print is my favourite -

although this one is really fascinating, too. I used just green aquilegia foliage, and I was so surprised to see the reds, and especially the glittery silver! -

What does one do, when one is supposed to tie the bundle up really tightly with string and doesn't have any string? One uses lace, of course!

The two very dark grey 'strings' ( net lace and sari silk ribbon ) were in both the second and third batch pots and went very dark grey. The other cotton lace was used only in the 4th batch and turned from a brilliant white into a very lovely light taupey grey. Definitely a bonus -

Now I can't wait for leaves to appear on the trees, and for more pretty weeds to grow in the hedgerows. I want to experiment some more :-).

Toodlepip xxx

Monday 8 April 2019


Ever since I received the most beautiful card from my amazingly talented Aussie friend Suzy, using her gorgeous eco dyeing/printing, I wanted to try it out myself. It has taken me a long time, but finally, I got my act together and wombled down the lane and picked some weeds and bits and pieces. Not much growing at the moment, lol.

The first batch I made was an experiment with all kinds of lane greenery, sandwiched between water colour paper and boiled in a pot with a couple of teabags and used coffee grounds thrown in :-). The results were very light and mellow yellow muddy brown, but did show a few prints -

I asked my DH to find me some rusty iron stuff in his workroom for the second batch. A bit of chain, nails, screws, all sorts of lovely rusty things went into the pot with this bunch of vegetation - 

The results were much more intense with better colours, lovely dark greys from the iron water I suppose and sharper outlines -

Hyacinth leaves and single flowers

Catkins from a tree in the lower field

tiny pink flowers and leaves from a shrub in the front garden, bit like a currant bush but without the fruit

Evergreen bush in the front garden, thick glossy leaves with tiny white flowers in the middle

I made a tag with one of the eco prints, to go on a birthday bouquet for a very dear friend and neighbour -

I didn't want to throw the iron water away, so I decided to pick a few more of those pink false currant bush things and a couple of other bits, and make a third batch. This batch turned out really rich and dark but more deep brown rather than the greys and charcoals from the first time I used the iron water. But that will have to wait until tomorrow. My doggies are giving me a hard time, lol. 

A bientot, toodlepip xxx

Thursday 4 April 2019

I love old, really old, books

This is one of my most favourite books. It is tatty, huge, a Greek/French dictionary which is pretty useless to me, lol, but just look at it! The front and back covers are so beautifully distressed, which makes for fabulous background images, and the pages have acquired such a delicious rich cream colour and foxing. I bought it to take apart and use the pages in my ephemera packs but I can't bring myself to do it -

Looking inside the spine -

Toodlepip xxx

Wednesday 3 April 2019

Back in France, Hurrah!

YES! Here we are again, back at the cottage, and this time for a few months, until August really, when we go back to the UK for Stefan and Ashley's wedding.

So whats been happening in the UK in between our France trips? Endless medical appointments for me, and a very scary period where we almost lost our darling Poppygirl to the most horrific hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. I restocked Etsy again, and was fairly active on IG, which is so much easier and quicker than blogging, bad me. I also did lots more research into the Bizouard family history. My goodness, what a story. I didn't bring the folder with me, but when I go back to the UK in August, I'll certainly do a long post about what I found out.

In the meantime, here is whats been happening in beautiful France since we got back a couple of weeks ago. The weather until yesterday and today had been absolutely glorious, sunny and warm, but the very strong winds blowing up the hill through our garden were still icy cold, so not much garden work had been done. 

We went out for a couple of lovely meals, one in the bistrot by the lake -

to celebrate our wedding anniversary,

and one with our friend and neighbour Ad at our favourite little local epicerie/viennoiserie/post office/bar/bistrot/pizzaria, where Gil makes the most amazing, delicious pizzas -

This is the Arroux, which flows right through the village a few metres away from the shop.

Went shopping a week ago and found this really gorgeous, enormous quilt which is perfect for the cottage, I think. Well, Hector definitely approves! -

While I have the computer on ( doesn't happen very often at the cottage, lol ), I'll prepare another couple of posts I think. If I don't, I probably won't open the laptop up again for another couple of weeks :-).

For now though, toodlepip xxx

Wednesday 6 February 2019

A snowy week in France

We got back Friday night from spending a week at the cottage. We had gone to check up on the cottage to make sure there was no winter damage, no critters had taken up residence etc. and all was fine. And snowy :-). How we all love the snow in the countryside! Untouched, fields glistening all around us, looking so pristine ..... until our dogs start going bonkers in the snow. They love it. 

 It was very cold in the cottage when we first arrived, but once the heating was cranked up, a fire built and blankets distributed, it was so cosy. It was great catching up with friends, eating freshly prepared pizza at the tiny village bistrot/bar/shop/bakery, sitting by the fire after being out in the snow and just enjoying the peace and quiet.

We had some really beautiful sunsets and sunrises as well when we were not in the middle of horizontal snow storms or thick mist

A week of course was nowhere near long enough, but we had some important appointments to come back for, among them a masterclass in macaron making! But more about that in the next post :-).

Toodlepip xxx