Friday, 11 December 2015

AUCTION No. 19 - Green trims grab bag - FINISHED

I have a whole lot of trims which I use on tags and collages and for trimming little pincushions or lavender bags. There are 8 trims in this pack, including some gorgeous chenille top ones. 5 of the trims are approx. 30cm ( 12" ) long, three are longer than that. The one with the red thread at the bottom is a little tricky, the red thread comes out of course to release the fringe, but don't pull on the top thread, lol, or it will all come apart. It is such a gorgeous greygreen colour though with beautiful sheen, I had to include it -

The greens are so much nicer in person, really soft and gorgeous, but they are such a PITA to photograph, the camera never gets them quite right.

Payments at the finish of the auctions can be made in US$, British£ or Euros.

UK postage £2.80( $4.35 ), Europe $6.16, US/CAN $7.75, AUS/NZ $8.45
Of course, if you end up winning more than 1 item, I'll combine postage, you could save oodles on shipping ;-).

Who will benefit: -

Paws2Rescue -
Romanian Rescue Appeal -
Help Bulgaria Street Cats and Dogs -
Rudozem Street Dog Rescue -

Auction closes 15th December at 7.25pm UK time.


alveen said...

I am happy to start the bidding at $12

paula said...

My bid $ 2.50

paula said...

I meant $ 12.50

Lululiz said...

Thank you Paula

Lululiz said...

Congratulations, Paula, you won the auction! Thank you. I'll get in touch once they are all finished.