Thursday, 29 December 2011

Last two inchies of the year

I haven't been around for a couple of weeks, and it will probably take me a week or two to catch up with all the blog posts. I hope you all had a good Christmas.

I took part in the 52-week long inchie challenge right from the start and really wanted to finish it. So here are my last two inchies of the year -

GREEN inchie -

YELLOW inchie -

Toodlepip xxx

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Should I call this a hybrid?

This is what I meant to include in yesterday's post, but that one got quite long, so I saved this for today. I suppose this is a kind of hybrid really, not really a glue book, and not really a tag book either, but a bit of both. The pages are chipboard and larger than tags. Ah well, you can judge for yourselves, lol, and decide what you want to call it.

Here it is -

I liked the cover but thought it was lacking something, so I added a little key. Does that make it better?

The beautiful lady is embellished with a real feather in her elaborate hat and proper bling, of course -

And that whatever you want to call it book thingy is going with this tag

and these little bits to another friend. Hope it arrives before Christmas, but if not, then perhaps it will make it for New Year's Day -

I wish you a stressless day, toodlepip xxx

Monday, 12 December 2011

Inchies, tags and little presents

Dang, can I cram everything I have to update you on into one post? One can but try, lol, just hope its not going to be too trying ( sigh, sorry, couldn't help myself ) for you.

Now that we got that stupid bit out of the way, I'll start with two week's worth of inchies. Last week was RED and this week is BLUE -

Ahem, you can probably tell that I have only just finished making the BLUE inchie......... the darned glue hasn't even dried yet, lol!

Tags, oh my, I have been making so many tags, and way too often I forget to photograph them. Like yesterday, when I made a tag specifically to go with the three miniature books I sold on Etsy. I was so chuffed to have found good pics of Blaise Pascal and Victor Hugo, and made a tag with those to go with the books, wrapped it, posted it this morning and then realised I hadn't taken any pics. Poo. Did take pics of a couple of others though -

This fun tag went with a vintage French madeleine baking tray -

This one went with a "manly" gift a customer bought -

And now I am going to show you a much much more beautiful tag, a BIG Christmas Card tag! I received this in the mail from my bloggy friend Lynn, from Trash to Treasure Art, and it is absolutely delightful. Aaahh, the details! It is embossed, has the sweetest image of two gorgeous young girls and the embellishments are twinkly and sparkly and perfect -

and all lit up with a golden glow from a stray ray of sunshine this morning -

Gorgeous, isn't it? Thank you, Lynn!

I have more to show you, but this post is already rather long. I think I will leave the other stuff for another post. If I get time this evening, I'll post it tonight. Thats a rather big if though, lol, don't hold your breath!

For now its toodlepip, xxx

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Another gift on its way...

... to a lovely person. I am not a very fast worker, lol, I am rapidly falling behind. Ah well, if things don't get done for Christmas, then there is always Valentine's or Easter. Yikes, did I really say that? That really sounds way too laid back. Before I get myself into even more trouble, I'll show you the one thing I managed to get into the post today -

This is a little heart shaped lavender sachet, made with a sweet little angel image printed onto fabric, and surrounded by lots of lovely lace.

No time to chat, sigh. Things to do. Just enough time to link this post to the fabulous White Wednesday link party over at Faded Charm. Lots of lovely whiteness to look at.

Toodlepip xxxLink

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Making Christmas Gifts

I am having so much fun making gifts for family and friends at the moment. Only drawback is, it is keeping me from commenting on your blog posts. I have tried to catch up, but if you haven't seen me on your blog for a little while, it is not because I don't wuv ya anymore, it is only because I am busy busy busy. Like everybody else, lol.

This is one of the pressies I have made, a little blackboard for making notes, or a shopping list, or doodling, whatever takes her fancy -

Winging its way to a friend as we speak.

Aaah, I love Christmas. Toodlepip xxx

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Inchies and Tags ( yep, more tags, lol )

The year long inchie challenge is almost at an end, just one month and 4 inchies to go. So far, I have met every challenge, even though quite often I have been somewhat late. Ahem, like with these two inchies.

Last week's challenge was "PRETEND". That wasn't too difficult. Hasn't every little girl at one time or another pretended to be a Princess? I found an image of a sweet smiling little girl and made her a crown with a tiny snippet of a gold paper doily and some bling, and gave her a gold necklace as well -

This week challenge was "AMUSEMENT". Ok, so we are probably not the most grown up of grown ups in our household, but we do like to have fun and at certain times of the year, the whoopee cushion provides oodles of amusement. Sigh. Ok, don't say it, I know.............

This year at the Christmas dinner, we are not going to put whoopee cushions under Nanny and Popeye's chair cushions, we are going to put them under our own, tehehehe, and see what reaction we get from Nanny and Popeye ( who are in their very late 80s btw ). Should be a hoot.

And now that I have completely embarrassed myself by admitting how NOT grown up I am, I had better very quickly get on to the next thing, TAGS. Yep, more tags, lol, but I put that down to the ETSY EFFECT, lol. I like to include a pretty tag with purchases from my Etsy shop. Great excuse for a tagaholic like me to keep making them!

Most of the images I have used you will have seen before, but they are such sweet winter images, I can't stop using them!

this one is not a winter tag, but it was kind of a special request -

I think I have to set a whole day aside for catching up with all your blogs, I have had so little time to read, and I miss catching up with all of you. Perhaps tomorrow I'll lay in a few supplies ( of the food and drink kind, lol ), and settle down to a good read.

Thats all for today, have fun! Toodlepip xxx