Friday, 29 June 2012

Feathers on the riverbank

The post title is a little misleading, but it sounded so nice, almost like a book title! It actually refers to the two challenges for this week. The Every Inchie Monday challenge was " FEATHER" and the Tag Tuesday challenge was "TALES OF THE RIVERBANK". 

This is what I did for the inchie challenge, FEATHER  -

And this is the Tag Tuesday challenge, TALES OF THE RIVERBANK -

Give your loved ones a big hug today and tell them you love them.

Toodlepip xxx

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

White Wednesday

I have a huge stack of little French cheese boxes, they are so handy for storing buttons and other little bits and pieces.  But of course they are not the prettiest things. I decided to pretty one up though, nothing too elaborate, just a little touch. I lined it with old music paper and a lovely madonna image. I covered the lid with ivory paint and a sweet little piece of crochet lace. In the centre is a sparkly piece I rescued from some broken jewellery.  I glued a pretty velvet and some antique French lace round the side of the lid.

And then I thought, heck, wouldn't it be nice to keep something really pretty in this box, like a piece of jewellery, but it would need something soft to rest on. So I made a tiny round cushion with bits of lace and a lovely bird image printed onto fabric which my lovely friend Dorthe had sent me -

What to put in it though? Then I realised that the box was absolutely perfect for the chunky bracelets I had been making with the large carved wooden beads from the broken French rosary. Just the right size.

Hmm, now why didn't I take a photo of the bracelet in the box??? Sigh. Not going to stop now to take another  pic, lol.

You know what its like when you got your bits of lace and stuff out on the table, making just one thing is never good enough. So while I was at it, I made a few more tags - 

I had been coffee dyeing a bunch of little tags earlier as well, and had stuck a few cards into the brew as well.  Hadn't made a card in ages, so I grabbed one of the coffee dyed cards and glued lace all over that as well!

I just love handling bits of lace.

Have a lovely day wherever you are. Toodlepip xxx


Saturday, 23 June 2012


Well, what sort of PINKS do I have to show you today? I bought these gorgeous shimmery 1950s damask curtains yesterday, and they are the prettiest pink and cream with a delicate damask design 

I had this beautiful heavy crystal bowl with the fluffy pink power puff  for quite a long time -

I picked some of these pink flowers from the front garden, they are now brightening up my craft room -

I needed some pink trim for a little project so  I pulled a few out of the box -

And lastly, a small fragment of a huge antique French clock leaning against a dusky pink wall 

this was one of a pair, which was at the top of a clock approx. 1.5m high, if I recall correctly what the French lady at a British boot fair told me last weekend. I adore it.

Thats it, I am all pinked out now. For more wonderful PINKINESS, hop over to How Sweet The Sound, and immerse yourself in PINKS.

Toodlepip xxx

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Chunky bracelet

While I was unpacking another box of French brocante treasures, I came a cross one of those big monk's or nun's rosaries made from big carved wooden beads. It was broken, the cross was missing and one decade was incomplete, but the rest was still beautiful and I couldn't walk past it at the brocante. I thought it would be rather nice to make chunky bracelets with the beads, and use some of the lovely old religious medals as charms. Thats what I did this morning. And somehow, it made me feel good when I was wearing it.

Finally got all the colours in my printer replaced as well, so I could print out some more beautiful images this morning. Had to make a tag straight away, because I was still in the bracelet frame of mind -

The tag went off with this little package this morning -

Toodlepip xxx

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I love...............

Glossy Accents! I had a bottle of this lovely stuff for a long time, but never used it until the recent Mermaid ATC swap, when I covered some sea shells with it. I am so chicken when it comes to trying out new things, but I loved the shiny, shiny wet looking sea shells.  This week's Every Inchie Monday challenge was ANIMAL, and I thought it would be fun to do a jellyfish. I figured that the Glossy Accents stuff would be perfect to give the jellyfish that wibbly wobbly translucent look. and I think it worked! What do you think?

The background is a teeny bit of a fibrous black paper. I used a white pen and a hint of pink marker for the body of the jellyfish, an unravelled bit of string from a tag for the tendrils and of course Glossy Accents.

Gosh, this is a short post, lol. I'll do better ( or worse, depending on how much you love/hate long post ) with the next one.

Toodlepip xxx

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Boxes and Butterflies

I was in the mood for playing with paper and glue and bits of lace again, but this time I decided to decorate a little box rather than just a tag -

I also made a quick customer tag to go with another order for those fascinating French parcel carry handles -

And I also made my Tag Tuesday tag, on time, woohoo!!! This week's theme was GREEN, which was a bit of a nightmare, because it left me with so many possibilities, it was such a wide field that I couldn't think of anything I wanted to do really.  But a local bootfair provided the answer, lol. Sunday morning we toddled off to a boot fair, and on one of the stalls I saw framed butterflies, real ones, and one of them was the most astonishing emerald green colour. And then I knew that I wanted to make a tag with lots of green butterflies -

I painted a white tag with a couple of different greens, and to soften it, overlaid it with some parchment paper. I love the sparkly flowers on the parchment! I spent some time on the net collecting green butterflies, printing them and cutting them out. Made some antennae for the bigger ones out of jewellery wire as well.

Toodlepip, and have a lovely day wherever you are xxx

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