Sunday, 11 December 2016

A bit of altering

Been busy busy busy with helping out one of the animal charities I support online, and also listing lots of things on their auction to raise funds for the animals in their care. I always try to list plenty of variety so there is something for everyone, and just in case there were people who, like me, love vintage and shabby chic, I altered a large notebook -

Nothing too fancy or over the top, but isn't the image of the little girl with the big dog so adorable?

Friday, 9 December 2016

Mail from the other side of the world

When the door bell rings and the postman hands me an envelope from Australia, my heart always beats faster, because I know it can only be from my darling friend Suzy. 

It is hard not to tear it open right there on the doorstep, lol, but I controlled myself. This is what my dear friend sent me this time -

I love Suzy's work so much, just look at this beautiful card she sent me. The details are amazing, the many layers -

The images are always so beautiful, soft and serene

and even the inside of her cards are always embellished

And when it comes to ornaments, I am just bowled over. These two beautiful ornaments for my Christmas tree also arrived in the envelope -

Thank you so much, Suzy, you know how much these beauties will be treasured.

Toodlepip xxx