Wednesday, 25 January 2012

UNIVERSE inchie and some ephemera

The Every Inchie Monday challenge for this week was "UNIVERSE". I could really think of anything outside the box really, so had to go with the obvious.

I had some bits left over from a tag I had made last year for tag tuesday challenge, ( circles ) and they came in quite handy for this inchie. The background is a photograph of a nebula, errmm, I think, can't remember what it was, and I cut a piece of an image I had of our beautiful planet and stuck it on. I used tiny tiny gold and silver micro beads for lots of star systems etc.


Can't just stop here, lol, thats far too short a post for me. Instead, I'll show you a few pieces of lovely American ephemera I got from a lovely Etsy seller -

A whole bunch of vintage Holden, Plaid and and Top Value stamps-

1940s prescriptions -

and ration slips -


They came from this lovely shop -

Maybe tomorow I'll be in the mood for some proper crafting. We'll see, it would be rather nice if my muse decided to come back from her holiday.

Until then, toodlepip xxx

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tag Tuesday "VINTAGE" and a beautiful gift

I did warn you yesterday that you would be shown another tag today. It is Tag Tuesday after all. This week's theme is VINTAGE, and of course for me that meant lace. You know how much I love my vintage lace,lol.

I used a piece of very wide vintage French lace to cover the tag. It is one of my favourite pieces of lace, the colour is so delicious ( cafe au lait ) and it has such a beautiful, intricate pattern. I had some very fine scalloped fabric, which I attached to both edges of the tag. As the sweet little girl in the Edwardian image is wearing a green dress, I used green ric rac, green velvet leaves and a little bit of green bling as well. I added a few coffee stained vintage lace motifs and here is the finished tag -

You may just escape another tag post until next Tag Tuesday, lol, fingers crossed.


What do you think of when I say SUZIQU??? Beautiful fabric collages, wonderful rich and deep colours, the most precious fabric books, and above all the sweetest person. Right? This beautiful lady gifted me with the most beautiful cards for Christmas. Prepare yourself for a serious drool fest -





Aren't they absolutely fantastic? Even the inside of the cards have been embellished in typical Suziqu style. Big thank you hugs to you wonderful woman! I think I am going to frame them and hang them up so that I can admire them all the time.

Well, thats it once again. I totally forgot to make my inchie yesterday, so thats on the agenda for tomorrow, along with pics of some more lovely Etsy finds.

Toodlepip xxx

Monday, 23 January 2012

The only things I seem to be making......

...... these days are tags and more tags, lol. They are tags I like to include with the stuff I send out from my Etsy shop. They are not the most elaborate tags, I really don't have that much time, but I try and make them pretty and appropriate to the purchase. As I haven't made anything else, you'll have to put up with a small selection of tags -

This one was fun to make, it went with a 1930s cocktail shaker, to a mixologist/barman -

With a silk wedding handkerchief -

A couple of blue tags to go with blue items -

A pretty little altered box to carry a French blue glass flower brooch safely to the new owner -

For a Japanese customer -

To go with some of the French luggage tags I sent out ( made WITH French luggage tags, so the reverse shows the original printing ) -

No special reason tag -

Mostly, I forget to photograph them, lol. Which is just as well, because otherwise you would be inundated with tags. Ah, tomorrow is Tag Tuesday, so guess what? Yep, you will get another tag, tehehee.

Now I am off to make this week's inchie for the Every Monday inchie challenge.

Toodlepip xxx

Sunday, 22 January 2012

More of the same but different

When I said more of the same, I meant more delightful gifts and more supplies I treated myself to.

I don't think there is anybody in my circle of bloggy friends who doesn't know Dorthe, and doesn't adore her beautiful blog and creations. But just in case you are new to my blog and haven't met her yet, then you really should have a look HERE.

This is what my lovely friend sent me, a gorgeous winter cone, which is now hanging on my shelf -

Isn't it just beautiful? I love all the glittery embellishments, the sweet image, the style. Thank you, dear Dorthe!

And on to more supplies, lol. I found another Etsy shop I just couldn't resist. I had to buy some of these gorgeous tea stained, stamped fabric ribbons. I am not very good with stamping myself, never seem to get it even, sigh, so this is a much better way of acquiring some lovely ribbons -

Beautiful Spring collages spring, oh good grief, spring, sigh, well, spring to mind, lol. Sorry 'bout that ;-).

This is the lovely Etsy shop they came from, click HERE.

And off I go again, I seem to have gone a bit pink today, and taken pics of pink laces and stuff, which I need to list in my Etsy shop. I'll show them on the vintageland blog later. Probably quite a bit later, lol, I am so slow.

Until the next time, toodlepip xxx

Friday, 20 January 2012

Feast your eyes

Yesterday I promised to show you some more sweet treats. You are so going to drool over these, I sure did!

My very lovely German friend Alexandra surprised me with a gobsmackingly gorgeous collage. A lot of you will already know her and her beautiful blogs, but just in case you haven't been there yet, go check them out HERE and HERE. And this is the totally exquisite collage she sent me -

All those beautiful layers, all those amazing embellishments, it really is an exquisite piece. KNUDDEL, liebe Alexandra, ich hab dich auch ganz lieb!

And as if that wasn't enough eye candy, I am also going to show you a couple of things I treated myself to from the amazing Parisgal, Rhonda! I just can't resist her beautiful things, everything is so beautifully presented, so imaginative, just sheer pleasure to receive. I had ordered a couple of packs of cardstock scraps from her, and this is what I received -

Isn't that just absolutely delightful? The wonderful girl also sent me these adorable pouches and tags -

You are a very generous girl, Rhonda, thank you so much, I'll be back in your beautiful shop soon. I am sure you all know her, but for those few of you who don't, here blog is HERE
and her irresistible shop is HERE.

More treats tomorrow, my friends, until then, toodlepip xxx