Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Getting back to blogging in 2018

Really, you say? Heard it all before. Sigh. I know. It is just so easy to take photos on the phone, do a quick post on Instagram, push one slider and they magically appear on my FB page as well. I can do simple tasks like that on the phone, lolol ( but thats about it, apart from actually using it as a phone, lol ). No need to crank up the computer, try and remember how to edit photos lol and try and do a write up. And no need to log on to FB every day either, woohoo.

How much have I missed though by not being in blogland? Or on FB? I hate to think. It was only by accident that I saw some info about the revival of the Simply Neutrals Tuesday by sweet Wen on appleapricot. I used to love that link up so much and was so sad when it came to a halt. It is all because of Wen that I decided to get back to blogland, so blame her! :-).

So, first post of the 2018 ( and hopefully the first of many, errmmm ) is for Wen's Simply Neutrals Tuesday. I had taken a pic of some tiny treasures I had found in a teeny box in my sewing basket of all places yesterday, and they are all pretty neutral, so thats my pic for the link up -

Thank you so much, Wen, for getting me back to blogging!

If you are also a lover of neutrals, then please do join her linky party on her blog HERE.

As this is a rather boring time of the year, and as I am not crafting, just filling box after box after box with my French treasures for storage so we can sell the house one of these days, I might just revive my " Looking back to Spring and Summer  in France " last year. Might cheer me up, seeing the glorious views, blue sky and sunshine, and family and friends again.

Toodlepip xxx