Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Aaah, French lace and a Tag Tuesday Challenge tag

Here I am, sitting in our friends' garden yet again, and thinking of all of you. I have some lovely French laces to show you from one of the vide greniers we went to. My heart always goes pitterpatter rather alarmingly when I see lacy bits on a stall. Crazy, yep. But you gals who love lace will understand.

I have also made the tag for this week's Tag Tuesday challenge over at the Blog Challenge Garden this morning. The theme was Have a Heart, and the heart had to be the focal point. I had just the thing in my little case of supplies, a gorgeous little silver filigree heartshaped locket. I'll start with that, shall I?

And then there is the French lace, aaaahhh..............

Isn't the lace just exquisite? Some of it os very old indeed, and beautifully handmade, incredibly fine, detailed work.

Thats all for today, miss you gals. Toodlepip xxx

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Doggies loving the life in France

My DS Nick couldn't come with us to France this year due to work commitments, and he is really missing the dogs. The doggies are loving it here, of course, so much space to run around in, wonderful country smells to snuffle at, and cows to watch. So this post is just about the doggies, enjoying la vie en France -

This is their best friend and playmate Rosie, Frank and Christine's dog -

Aaaahhh, love my doggies!

Toodlepip xxx

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Catching up with Tag Tuesday challenges

I have tried hard to keep up with at least one challenge whilst I am in France. Its not easy with the very limited craft supplies I have in my craftavan here, it really is a challenge every week, lol. I'll try and post all the tags I have made for the various challenges, hopefully I won't run out of time before we have to go to the evening vide greniers.

Right here goes then. I am not sure whether I have got them all right, because I usually phone Nick back home in England on a Tuesday to read me the challenge. But, being somewhat scatterbrained, lol, come the next day when I have time to craft, I have usually forgotten most of the instructions....... sigh, old age creeping up on me, no doubt.

The first one I need to post is " THE FACE " from a month ago, yikes!

Next was the POSTAGE STAMP challenge. By the time I got round to making the tag, I wasn't sure about the details anymore. I steamed the stamp off a vintage postcard and then made this tag with it -

But then, after thinking about it for a few days, I thought that perhaps the stamp should be more prominent, so as luck would have it, a letter arrived from Dorthe, and I used her stamp to make a new tag -

Next was the VINTAGE PHOTO challenge -

And this week, it was the LETTER A, where we had to pick a subject which started with the letter A and use that for the tag. Being in France, I had to chose A for Amour, of course -

OK, thats it, no more time, gotta go to the vide greniers. It is the last evening one, boohoo. Wish me luck!

Toodlepip xxx