Saturday, 26 February 2011

Tag Tuesday Challenge - Postcard, and a little pillow

A couple of days ago I was talking to my dear friend JJ, and mentioned that I had to make a tag with the theme "postcard", and that I had to give that some thought. Now, we both live on the coast here in the UK, JJ in Brighton and I live in Hastings, so she suggested that I should use the typical old fashioned English seaside card. That appealed to me immediately. They are so funny, a bit cartoon like, a little bit saucy, and they are so very English. I had found some old ones at a bootfair a year or two back, and just looking through them again to find a suitable one for this tag made me chuckle.

I had so much fun with this one! I got to mess about with seashells and seaweed, with Stickles
( in tarnished brass and scattered straw ) for the sand and some seashell stamps. Tadaaaaa -

I love these postcards.

A couple of days ago, I finally managed to get my sewing machine out again. I wanted to make a little pillow with a particular theme, a Guardian Angel, or Ange Guardien in French. Very plain, no lace, no fancy flowers, nothing really to detract from the Angel. I used a rustic old French linen, some very vintage blue striped French ticking fabric and printed the image of the guardian angel on to cotton fabric, which I had aged a little in a weak coffee bath -

And while I was at it, I made a matching tag as well. Again, nothing very fancy -

I wish you all a happy weekend, I hope the weather is better where you are, lol, here it is absolutely chucking it down again. Sigh.

Toodlepip, xxx

Friday, 25 February 2011

Can you put up with more?

I hope you are not getting fed up with me showing you all the wonderful gifts which have arrived on my doorstep lately. They are all so different and all so fabulous in their own way, I have to show you all of them.

During the OWOH event I came across a blog called Top Floor Treasures, and I was really fascinated by it. Zoe was offering a zendoodled initial in her giveaway, and I was so intrigued by her work. I entered the giveaway and I won it!!! I chose our family initial, W, and it arrived yesterday. What an amazing letter it turned out to be. Now, when I was in my teens, I doodled a lot, errm, during lessons, lol, at home, on the bus, but boy oh boy, my doodles were like chicken scratchings compared to Zoe's zendoodles. They are incredibly detailed and I love my W so much.

Here it is in all its zendoodled glory -

Pretty amazing, isn't it? Now I am trying to decide what sort of frame to put it in. Any suggestions will be gratefully received, of course.

One of my winners was Sam from Cornish Contemporarys. This lovely girl made me a gorgeous tag as a thank you, using some of the bits from the embellishment pack she had won. How sweet was that? And the tag really is fab, and has already joined my collection of Blogger friends' tags -

Toodlepip, xxx

Thursday, 24 February 2011

I tried, but I just can't wait

I know I said I would show you something really gorgeous on Saturday, Pink Saturday, but that is still 2 days away, and I just can't wait any longer. I am just bursting to show you, lol. You may have noticed the little button to Celestina's giveaway on my sidebar, and if you have looked recently, you may also have seen the note I gleefully put underneath it. I WAS THE LUCKY WINNER OF HER BEAUTIFUL GIVEAWAY!!!

You know how much I love roses and how I love to collect rose themed little treasures for our cottage in France. So you can imagine how thrilled and delighted I was to win her giveaway. I had admired her soft and feminine rose painted beauties for so long. I couldn't believe how quickly the package got to me, I think someone in the postal service must have realised how much I was looking forward to this.

So, why don't I let you unpack my package along with me? I managed to get my camera before I started. I had to take many photos because my hands were shaking with excitement, lol, but you can relate to that, can't you?

Ready? Here goes -

When I lifted the pretty pink tissue paper, I was greeted by this beautiful big pink rose, such a perfect delicious shade of pink -

Are you oohing and aahing yet? Two beautifully wrapped little packages...... I carefully unwrapped the one in the fabulous Paris wrapping paper, had to save that, of course -

Gosh, its so exciting, unwrapping gifts!

Under the sweet little lavender bag was this -

See why I was so looking forward to this? It is THE most perfect thing for the pink bedroom in France. But that wasn't all. There was also this huge bonbon!

And inside the bonbon was.............

A heart shaped rose box! It is beautiful, I can't imagine anything more feminine on my dressing table. Of course the box wasn't empty -

Inside the box were -

HEARTS AND KISSES ! How sweet is that?

Celeste enclosed a beautiful card, and you know what? As much as I love and adore the beautiful gifts, this card meant even more to me, and its making me well up again right now as I am writing this, because of the things she said. I am such a soppy cow, but I just want to give her the biggest hug! She is one very beautiful soul.

See, now you can perhaps understand why I just couldn't wait until Saturday.

It is unlikely, but if some of you have not been to her blog yet, go and have a look right here.
If you want to see more of her beautiful designs, check them out here. I am going to treasure mine forever.

Toodlepip xxx

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

YAY! The third one has arrived!

I am such a lucky girl, I know. And a soppy one as well, lol. I get all teary and silly grinny when I receive a package. Yesterday was such a day again. The smiling postman handed me two, yep TWO packages and wished me a wonderful day. How very sweet of him.

One of the packages was another OWOH door prize. You know when you enter a giveaway and it is for something that you would really love having in your home? Well, all the wonderful OWOH gifts which I have won, are just like that, really lovely little treasures.

This one is destined for France as well, because it is just perfect for the cottage. Inside the package was this very pretty gift bag -

And inside the pretty bag was this -

And inside that was this -

The sweetest mini canvas which I had won from Sarah, whose blog you can find here. Check it out, she is quite amazing.

I have to show you the details on this darling little thing, I love all the embellishments -

Look at these swirls, now why can't I draw swirls like that? -

Adorable teeny tiny lace roses -

And this gorgeous little treasure..............

is of course going to live in France, in the blue bedroom -

I'll take pics of where I am going to put it when we next go to the cottage.

The second package I was going to show you tomorrow, but then I thought, no, I am going to save this one for Pink Saturday, which I love but have never taken part in, so you will have a little longer to find out what it is. The Pink Saturday might have given you a little hint though, lol.

Toodlepip xxx

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Every Inchie Monday Challenge - COSMIC

It is Tuesday, but only early afternoon, so it is almost still Monday, right? So, I am not very late really. The theme for this week is COSMIC, and my first thought took my straight back to my Hippie Days and friends in long flowing robes, long hair and flowers painted on their faces saying " Hey man, thats cosmic. Yeah ". Hmmm. I put that out of my mind very quickly, lol. And then of course, being a Sci Fi nut, my thoughts turned to spaceships and galaxies and alien life out there in the great Cosmos. And thats what I went with -

A couple of weeks ago, I saved a picture of a galaxy for a Tag Tuesday challenge project, and I used a tiny part of it as the background for my COSMIC inchie. I inked it slightly with an Opalite Glacier Blue, which added fabulous little sparkly planets throughout the universe. A few larger ones were added with a silver Gelly Roll pen -

And then I had oodles of fun finding images of spaceships and aliens. Geez, cutting out these tiny little bits really does require a very steady hand!

And now I want to go space travelling myself. The wonderful, amazing, fabulously strange worlds which just have to be out there somewhere..........

I am really pleased with my growing Inchie collection. I have to start thinking about putting them somehwere more permanently, but for now they are snuggled up in this little heart box -

Tomorrow and the day after, I'll have some gorgeous things for you to look at, one is another OWOH win, the other a fabulous giveaway win. You are so going to drool over them!

Toodlepip, xxx

Monday, 21 February 2011

Yippee, the second one!

This morning, the postman delivered a second wonderful little package. Another door prize from one of the blogs I had visited during the OWOH event. I was really looking forward to this one, as I had always wanted to see one of these in real life. What? A tiny little matchbox, altered into something really exquisite.

One of these days I will remember to be patient and take pictures before I open things. I will try, I really will, but unfortunately today was not yet that day. This gift was also wrapped in such pretty paper, look at these gorgeous birds! -

Exquisite small treasure -

I loved the teeny weeny little knob on the drawer -

Every side of the little box was decorated -

The top of the box is decorated with an altered puzzle piece, I wish I knew how that was done, it is gorgeous -

The altered matchbox was filled with tiny little treasures -

And even the inside of the box was so beautifully decorated! -

The creator of this beautiful piece is the very talented Jan. Have a look at her blog here.

Thank you so much, Jan, I adore this altered matchbox. It has inspired me to have a go myself one of these days. As soon as I have worked my way through my must-do list.

That is all for today, back tomorrow with a few little finds from an indoor boot fair this Sunday.
Toodlepip xxx

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Woohoo, the first one!

I did say yesterday that I had a gorgeous little package arrive, and that it deserved its very own post. And when you see the pictures, I am sure you will agree. I was so lucky this year to win some wonderful door prizes in the OWOH event and this one was the first to arrive.

Now you will have to use your imagination a little bit here, because I was too quick with my unpacking, lol, I had the paper off before I even thought of the camera! This is such pretty paper, I think it might find its way onto some tags -

I do so love vintage style, and the beautiful old photographs, so you can understand why I was so chuffed with this. First, there was this gorgeous card -

And then, this oh so pretty heart, so beautifully embellished -

Just look at the lovely details, this sweet little MOP heart button -

and pretty beads -

Lucky girl, indeed, wouldn't you say?

And who was the very talended lady who picked me as her winner? It was Lynne, who has a gorgeous blog called Adorn. You can visit her here and drool over all her beautiful creations. A girl after my own heart!

I posted all my gifts on Friday, I hope that they won't take too long to get to their destinations all over the world. Fingers crossed.

Enjoy whats left of your weekend ( or the start of the new week, depending on where you are ).
Toodlepip, xxx