Monday, 3 April 2017

Spring at the cottage

I love all the seasons, but Spring is really special. Seeing everything coming back to life, the first hints of green in the hedgerows, the little wildflowers eagerly opening up in the first warm rays of sunshine, the wonderful clouds of white blossoms on the wild cherry trees and the hawthorns, thats magical.

We have been quite busy these first couple of weeks. The 'garden' was covered in what seemed like a million branches and bits from the trees surrounding the cottage. Apparently there had been some rather severe storms just before we came out to the cottage. It took my DH days to clear them up. Then the warmer weather arrived for a few days and you know what happens then...... the grass goes mad and you can almost see it growing while you watch. Not the best time for the mower to break down, lol, but my wonderful DH is Mister Fixit :-). Planted the First Early Potatoes, got the greenhouse put up again and planted lots of veggie seeds, stocked up my herb pots by the front door and started clearing out weeds.

We were so happy to get back to the Refuge ( ) again and walk the doggies twice a week. We have missed them, they are our babies as well. I try not to think too much about how long some of these beautiful dogs have been in the shelter, it breaks my heart that some of them have spent almost their entire life there. Little Sam, for example, came to the Refuge when just a year old, such a wonderful little dog, absolutely loves to play with toys, is obedient, walks nicely on the lead, and loves to be loved, yet nobody has ever shown interest in him in, what, eight years! I would so love for him to go to a wonderful loving home, even though I would miss him.

Anyway, enough ramblings, I'll just show you a few random pics from the last couple of weeks :-) -

My precious box full of my treasured gifts from friends. They travel with me between the UK and France all the time 

Rain day sorting through an old button box

Morning walks

Spring flowers inside and out

Seeds planted

Loving this vintage bust of a young woman

Sorting out some small religious pieces to list on Etsy

My little herb 'garden'

A freshly laundered, beautifully delicate lacy bedspread drying in the soft Spring air

And of course plenty of time spent with our dogs

Toodlepip xxx