Tuesday, 15 December 2015


The last animal rescue charity auctions are finishing today. Please have another look at these auctions, some haven't been bid on, sob sob, and I would so love to raise enough through these auctions to be able to give each of the 4 charities $100. Yesterday's auctions raised $201.50, so we still have a way to go. So far, we have just $130.50 on today's auctions. Also, if there is anything that you may have had your eye on in my shop, or something you have seen on my blog, please please let me know you are interested and I'll try and sort something out for you.

Just look at this little boy, just posted on FB by one of the charities I support, and this is why I am trying to help -

This is what the charity said - Another day another rescue. This terrified little boy found his way onto someone's property. They got in touch with us and asked for our help. Inside his ears, chest and legs are bleeding through scratching because of fleas. The white powder you can see is flea powder. He is a little skeleton and at the moment he is to scared to take food.

Can you imagine just how terrified this little thing must be to not even care to take food even though he must be crazy starving?

Until now I have refrained from posting pictures on here, but we are into the last few hours of the auctions and I wanted you to just once see what your $$ could help with. This is one of the easier to look at photos. Some are so heartbreaking, I couldn't bear to post them.

Thank you all for participating and helping. Toodlepip xxx


Dorthe said...

Oh so sad and terribly to see such a lovely dog being treated like this Liz,
so hoping for his life to become better, with their help.
Dear Liz are you contacting us for the bill to pay, or do we calculate our self ? I wish you luck those last hours, untill your charity auction will finish this evening !!
Hugs and love from Dorthe

Judys Lace Creations said...

Pretty heart-breaking stuff isn't it?
We have animals in Adelaide in just the same plight.I pledge $50.00 a month to Animal Welfare, and the same amount to Back Packs for Kids. It's a small contribution, but over the year it adds up.Thank you for doing your bit to help animals in need.
I think how we treat animals is a reflection on our Humanity or lack of it.
Nice story Liz, and good on you for helping.
Judy xx

Kim Collister Studio said...

Breaks my heart. Thank you for all you are doing for these little angels. XOXO