Friday, 11 December 2015

AUCTION No. 25 - And now for something completely different !

Yep, very different. This lot is dramatic, somewhat eccentric, bold and very French. I don't know whether this is vintage or modern, but it looks so fabulously 1960s to me. I bought it in France of course. Wear this gold and black brooch and bracelet set with your little black dress, or for even more drama, with a white outfit. Make a statement, I dare you ;-) -

Payments at the finish of the auctions can be made in US$, British£ or Euros.

UK postage £2.80( $4.35), Europe $6.15, US/CAN $7.75, AUS/NZ $8.45
Of course, if you end up winning more than 1 item, I'll combine postage, you could save oodles on shipping ;-).

Who will benefit: -

Paws2Rescue -
Romanian Rescue Appeal -
Help Bulgaria Street Cats and Dogs -
Rudozem Street Dog Rescue -

Auction closes 15th December at 7.55pm UK time.

This is the last one for today. I had intended to put up some beautiful antique and vintage French lace, but the weather didn't play ball, it got so grey and dark so early, there was no time left to photograph them. Ah well, perhaps tomorrow, eh? I'll also put up for auction Victorian photographs and postcards tomorrow. See you then ;-).

Toodlepip xxx

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