Thursday, 16 June 2011

Treasure Hunt Thursday No. 10

In the summer, there are usually two boot fairs in our area, the really early one which starts at 6am Sunday morning and is kinda smallish, and the late start one which we usually go to around 9am, which is somewhat larger. I don't think I have ever come away from either one without buying at least one thing.......... until last Sunday, that is, when the first boot sale yielded absolutely nothing. Zilch. Nada. Nichts. Rien. At least the second boot fair came good, and I found a few things.

I was very happy to once again see the guy who had lots of French stuff a while ago, and who cost me a small fortune the last time I saw him. If you want to see what I spent the money on then, have a look at this post HERE, all the beautiful trims, laces, ribbons and those gorgeous fine threads came from this fella.

This time, I was able to pick up a few more little pieces of vintage French lace, 5 rolls of the most deliciously pale peachy pink vintage seam binding, and a set of 5 French dinner serviettes/napkins, monogrammed of course -

I didn't iron the serviettes before taking a pic, they are as found, because they need a jolly good wash -

The monogram M G is so typically Art Deco -

I have a love/hate relationship with some of the regular stallholders ( when they are there, which is not very often ), because they make me spend lots of money! But I can't resist, I have a passion for linens, lace and all things old.

Here are a few more things I found at other stalls, nothing especially outstanding, but sweet little things nonetheless. A necklace with loads of MOP ( or some other shiny shell ) disks, which I took apart straight away -

A few bits dug out of an old tin with some sewing stuff, a lovely beaded trim, possibly from a lamp, a handful of vintage brass curtain hooks and this sweet little jug cover -

The very fine old netting in the middle is full of holes, but can easily be replaced, and the beautiful fringing with the gorgeous green glass beads is worth saving -

A tiny little needlekeep in the softest suede -

and this little instruction booklet for an antique sewing machine which I had to have because it had such a nice image of the sewing machine in it -

The trim came from yet another stall. I love this shade of baby blue -

Those pompoms are enormous! -

This is quite a sweet thing, a drinking glass with a gorgeous little wicker jacket. Quite small, perhaps it was for Sherry or a tot of Whisky after a lovely picnic in the meadow -

Now, the next item is such a mundane little thing, but incredibly special. It is a piece of wrapping paper. From 1937, would you believe? It commemorates the Coronation of George VI and shows George and Elizabeth. Incredible that this sheet of paper, which most people would have thrown in the bin after unwrapping their present, has survived all these years. It was folded up unfortunately, but I will carefully remove the creases over time and keep it rolled -

Lastly, an item which I had found a few weeks ago, but forgot to show you. It will become my travelling craft case for the summer in France. I don't think this little beauty case has ever been used, it still has the original label attached to it and is absolutely pristine, inside and out -

I am already putting aside bits and pieces to fill it with.

Thats all for today, folks, I need to go and cook dinner. If you can, take some time and visit Blue Creek Home HERE to check out the other Treasure Hunt Thursday posts.

Toodlepip xxx


craftattack said...

Just one word - WOW!! Valerie

Regina said...

Ohh Liz..I so wish we lived in walking distance..I would love to go on one of your treasure hunts. Thank you for sharing so we can drool ummm I mean so we can see all your lovely finds.


Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hey Liz, As always you came home with lots of gorgeous and amazing things. I certainly drool over your lace and linen finds but I also love that glass in a wicker jacket. That's cute and I haven't seen anything similar before. How amazing that the wrapping paper made it over all those years. The sewing machine graphic is really fabulous. Enjoy your treasures, dear and have a lovely evening :-)!
Hugs to you,

Florence and Mary said...

I have an almost identical beaded jug cover!

I love the travelling case, such a find!

Victoria xx

Fabric Art said...

Oh Liz so many wonderful treasures, I'm sure that the stallholders love you because you can not resist all these things, hope you have a nice time in france.
Hugs Anni

Tina @ TinyBear said...

those are amazing finds Liz. I LOVE all the linen and lace - ofcourse I do. drooling.... sign
All your finds are so great.
Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful evening.
xo Tina

Ido said...

So many beautiful finds! drooling all over here!
XXX ido

suziqu's thread works said...

Well Liz all I can say is that you must have done something incredibly amazing in your last life to be so rewarded with all of these beautiful treasures. The laces, serviettes, needlebook, case are all gorgeous.
Hope they are bringing you lots of joy!
Happy weekend to you,

sonya said...

Hey Liz,
You found some wonderful stuff that's for sure! I love all the crochet and lace works! I'm coveting that really BAD! :)
The wrapping paper is amazing! And the little suitcase is perfect! I love seeing all of these goodies!
I went to a little sale today and I will be posting what I brought home.
Have a great weekend.

Que Bella said...

So many lovely finds! I love all your lace, linens and traveling case. But, wow, that wrapping paper with the coronation has to be my favorite. What a terrific find!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Liz,
so many wonderful things you found!! Love the lace and linens.
Enjoy your treasures and thanks for sharing!Have a wonderful weekend and good luck treasure hunting.

Dorthe said...

Hallo liebe- oh Liz, it is incredible, what you are able to find- all that yummy laces, and the beautiful ribbons- are gorgeus all- ofcourse the linens,too
the old paper for wrapping is a super find- and the beauty box, I love ,too-
congratulations dear, with all this beauty.I wish you a happy week-end.

JaN's ArTy JouRneY said...

Wow....loving all the treasures you got your hands on :) Swoon at all that lovely linen and lace!!

Healing Woman said...

What fabulous, vintage finds. You will put them to excellent use-I know it.

Linens Lace and Lattes said...

I always love your linens and lace and stare deep into your pictures to see the intricate details and dream of someday going to a boot fair!