Saturday, 4 June 2011

Birdsong Tag Book Swap - WIPs

The wonderful Karla from Karla's Cottage is once again hosting a tag book swap. I had so admired the last one she did and since I love making tags, I just had to take part in this one. Gotta say I admire Karla's energy, over 100 participants in this swap, and all the other stuff she has on the go as well.......... quite amazing.

Anyhoo, I have started my tags, they are not completely finished yet, they still need a couple of little touches and I am also waiting for something to arrive, hopefully in time, which I think will be so cute for the tags. So here are my little WIPs -

For these first two tags I scanned in two original Victorian scraps which I had bought a while ago, I thought there were perfect for the birdsong theme -

Wish I could remember where I got the graphic from, if you recognise it as yours, please let me know so that I can give you credit -

Thats it so far. Now I am going to make a cup of tea, put my feet up for ten mins and relax. I am slightly frazzled, lol. I went to a boot fair at lunchtime, and walked around for 1 1/2 hours, and just as I got home, DS phoned and told me that 3 new geocaches had been placed! As soon as he got back, we set off, and spent another 1 1/2 hours wombling, traipsing through fields this time. And boy, was it hot! Well, hot for us.

Have a fabulous weekend! Toodlepip, xxx


Michela said...

I'd love to invite you here at the Tropics, LOL! :-)
Lovely tags!
Enjoy your well deserved rest!

sonya said...

Hey Liz! You better rest a little longer than 10 minutes. You've been busy! I love, love the birdsong tags! Anything with birds.
Have a restful evening.

Scrummy Scrapz aka Lizzie said...

Well can't wait for them to be totally completed but I don't think anymore is required - they are absolutely superb - have a great weekend!

Serenata said...

Oh they are so beautiful Liz, they look wonderful just as they are, but I'm sure whatever you add to them will make them even better (if that is possible?)

Bunty said...

Beautiful tags Liz - and a great swap. I did see this and would have joined in but can't commit to anything just at the moment because of health problems. Looking forward to seeing what you get back.


Sarah - Red Gingham said...

It's blimmin hot here today as well, I swear we are having spring instead of autumn or even winter. I'm not going to tell mother nature that she's stuffed up! Anyway I must say how much I adore your new birdsong tags. They would make such sweet bookmarks too. You are such a clever lady. Must catch up soon. Perhaps tomorrow?

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Liz,
your birdsong tags are absolutly beautiful!!Have a lovely Sunday.

Kasia said...

Hello! I love the tags! These turned out great, as usual, Im crazy for birdies, so wonderful!


Martina2801 said...

Oh mein Gott, was sind die schöööön! Großes Kompliment!

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Liz!
These are SO beautiful!!! Wishing you a happy Sunday--hope you have a wonderful day! I love these bird tags!!

Dorthe said...

Dear Liz, I hope you found goodies, in both your first and second tour?
Your new Birdsong tags are so very beautiful-with all the bright colors, on the items, and your wonderful addings, in lace ans stone and.....
Hope your sunday is great? here it is also very hot-for me ,lol

Nook & Cranny said...

Your Bird Song tags are wonderful. I have joined in on this swap as well. I can't wait.
I LOVE birds!!
Thanks for sharing.

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Your tags are so very lovely, but if those are wips, the finished tags are going to be incredible!
enJOY a beautiful day,

Yitte said...

Your tags are so beautiful. bright colors and the details are very lovely.


Fabric Art said...

Liz your bird song tags are all very beautifully made, love the bird images and the lace.Have a nice week.
Hugs Anni

Xela said...

Bohrrrrrrrrrr sind die schön geworden meine Liebe. Eins wie das andere. Ich liebe sie alle!

Suz said...

Those tags are just the most beautiful I have seen. Love them. That Karla is a marvel, isn't she?


Sharon Morrison said...

Just found your blog. I am in Karla's swap too!! I love your tags and hope to get one.
I live a little over 2 hours from Karla and cannot wait for the next party.

Myrna said...

Hiya Liz!! Thanks for the sweet comments about my tags, but I must say YOUR tags are FABULOUS!! I hope I get one of YOURS!! You are really talented!!