Saturday, 6 February 2010

A White Week in France

It was glorious. I know we had snow at home here in England not so long ago, and that was lovely, too, but how long does it stay pristine in a town? It gets so depressingly yucky so very quickly. Where we live in France, frost, snow and ice stay looking gorgeous for so long, because apart from the occasional tractor going down our lane and a few animals leaving their tracks, the beautiful countryside stays untouched.

When we arrived, it was really frosty and misty. There wasn't much in the way of snow, but everything was covered in a thick layer of sparkly frost and looked so pretty, even in the thick mist -

After spending some time sniffing about and enjoying all the yummy country smells, the doggies made off down the lane to one of their favourite spots, a big tree under which they often find a lovely, deliciously flavourful muddy puddle

The puddle was of course frozen solid, but they went at it for a few minutes and managed to break off some big pieces. Boy, do they love their ice lollies! Hector especially goes absolutely nuts for chunks of ice, just look at that enormous piece he is chewing on -

Then it started snowing in earnest. We usually have such wonderful views all around us, being at the top of a hill, but when the weather closes in, the rest of the world just disappears -

DH and DS did take the doggies for a long walk despite the heavy snow, they looked such a sight when they got back! Thankfully, the fire was roaring, and everybody snuggled down for a cosy evening.

I tell ya, sometimes I wish I was a dog, what a life, eh, just look at this pics -

After spending ages frolicking about in the snow, investigating, running like crazy, playing.....

they just conk out on the settee. Aww, butter wouldn't melt in their mouths, my sweet little bookends -

They really do make me laugh sometimes. I was happily crocheting away sitting by the fireplace, and occasionally glancing over at the sleeping doggies. Usually they are curled up together just as in the above photo. Occasionally though they change position. One minute I was confronted with Poppy being a right old tart with her legs up in the air -

Next time I looked over, Hector was displaying his all to the world, lolol, I had to do a double take, huh, wasn't it Poppy a minute ago?

Mind you, they don't always want to be next to each other, sometimes one just has to be comfy on one's own -

in DH's favourite chair of course

But, if somebody dares to occupy the chair, they make do with snuggling with/on/under/around us -

Don't you sometimes wish you were your pet?

I'll leave you with one snowy picture taken a few days later, when the mist had cleared away and we had a gorgeous day with golden sunshine, blue sky and crackling snow

More in the next post. xx


made with love said...

Oh those doggies certainly are having a fun time. Glad you had a great time
Have a super weekend
Rachael XX

Larisa said...

So good dogs you have))) I love them although I am mostly the cat-lover )))
This year the winter is nice everywhere )))

marigold jam said...

That last photo is stunning - love it. Those dogs have certainly got a dog's life too haven't they lol!


Wipso said...

Gorgeous dogs. We have 3 little dogs and sometimes they take up all our sofa and leave little room for anyone to sit :-) Guess they know they can get away with it.
A x

Andi's English Attic said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful dogs. Dogs are just born eccentric, don't you think? xx

Elizabethd said...

Your snow scenes are so was like that here too.

Sadie said...

The dogs certainly look like they've had a great time!

Love all the snowy pics. Gorgeous. I am a real cold weather/rainy weather girl. I'm not happy during a heatwave, but give me non stop rain and you've got a smiling Sadie on you hands!!

:O) x

manitoba stitches said...

Your wintery pictures look like our Minnesota winters(I know the name of my blog makes it seem I'm in Manitoba, but I'm not- that was the name of our shop). Thanks for visiting my blog, I have added yours to my blog list. I love it! Debra

Anonymous said...

Lucky you - your lifr=e in france sounds idyllic. I dream of owning a place there but have three little darlings to get through school/uni first....

Kate said...

Your dogs certainly look well installed! They are just like children aren't they, using up so much energy and then they flop around all over the place afterwards. Lovely snow scenes, or should I say "scenes de neige". Welcome back xx

Sarah said...

How did you tear yourselves away? Isn't it just too pretty? Winter is such a beautiful season when all is white and perfect looking. Still I bet every season is beautiful in your French cottage!

Juanita Tortilla said...

One must really have a heart, and home, big enough for a pet dog. They are really not ashamed to claim some space!
Do I wish to be my pet? Some times. Fluffy seems to have the best life.

I love the still and silent moments that snow brings. The world does freeze over!

Michela said...

Soooooo funny your doggies! And sweet! xxxxx

Croap Queen said...

Lovely pics, and what rotten tarts your doggies are lol.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

Loved your question about whether we sometimes wish we were our pets.

Before we moved to our farm, we lived in the city. Our black lab spent most of his time in my husband's workshop. Because he didn't want Samson (the lab) to get cold, the Yankee built him a heated retreat within the shop.

There Samson had all the comforts of home...including a big plump bed! We do indeed spoil our pets!

As I've briefly read through some of your posts, I'm wondering why you haven't linked one to the party.

For instance, this one would work for the 8th, which is still open. Please do consider linking to something this week (days 8-14), if you come up with posts that fit the topics.

Thanks for visiting the cottage!