Thursday, 11 February 2010

Flower Power

This is my third post for the 14 Days of Love Valentine's party. As I mentioned yesterday, I missed the 1st week, but I am thoroughly enjoying myself posting for this second week.

Today's theme is Flower Power, and one of the suggestions for a post were flower arrangements. Well, I don't host formal dinner parties anymore, and therefore haven't done a formal flower arrangements for the dinner table in years. I occasionally buy a bunch of flowers, but they are usually just fairly carelessly arranged in a vase.

But, I do love wildflowers and bunches of them in informal containers. So I thought I post some photos of little wildflower arrangements from last autumn in France.

This little window is at the front of the house, next to the entrance door.

A tiny bunch of wildflowers picked from the bottom field is displayed in a little amber glass milk jug with teeny flowers edged into the glass

I like changing the little display regularly, here I had picked daisies from the lane and one rose from the garden. I only have three (struggling ) rose bushes there, so I tend to leave the roses alone. I also added a couple of other flowers from a little bunch I had bought at the market.

I always have a bunch of wildflowers on the table in the garden. It usually starts like this - I have a womble down the lanes with the doggies and pick a basketful -

and then sit down at the table with a smile on my face and a cup of tea next to me, and arrange them

I have a sweet little jug indoors which I often use to fill with flowers, again, mostly wildflowers from the lanes and our fields

And of course we have to have some flowers on the kitchen window sill as well -

And just because I love the colour so much, here is a photo of one of the little roses in our garden, well, its more of a field than a garden, lol -

Tomorrow's subject is going to be The Perfect Gift. Ooooooooh, can I get my list out? My long list? Only one gift? Perhaps ONE basket with a few gifts? Hmm, this will require careful thinking in case DH is going to have a look at the blog.



Kissed by an Angel said...

Gorgeous flowers!! I always have flowers indoors!!!

Juanita Tortilla said...

Awww.... What a lovely post. Those flowers made me smile! Did you know, folks here pay top dollar for itty bitty little floral arrangements like that?

Mar said...

Thanks you for your comments on my posts on my blog. I have enjoyed to read yours, see your wonderfu;l photo's, and the 'sketches' of France. I love the French countrieside too and be there very often.

I will keep follow you, Mar

made with love said...

You always leave such lovely comments. Thankyou so much for visiting and for joining my little giveaway. I am sorry you still have so much snow. We did get quite a bit yesterday but most of it has gone this afternoon.
Hope the sun makes it's way to you soon.
Those are some beautiful flowers. I love the country flower look. So natural.
Keep warm hunni,
Love Rachael XX

marigold jam said...

I much prefer these sorts of flowers arrangement than the structured formal ones anyway. They look lovely and a real breath of better weather to come!


Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

They are all perfectly lovely, Liz! Those are precisely the types of florals I prefer to use...loose, unstructured, but beautiful all the same.

So glad you are continuing to link to the party.

If you will click on the link below, you will be given the instructions on how to display my button so that it links back to the party at the cottage. The instructions follow the larger button.

Thanks so much!

karen said...

Thankyou for sharing a suck wonderfully bright and breezy photo's it has brightened up what is now a bitterly cold night.

LissyLou said...

beautiful!! the flowers on the kitchen window are my faves!! xx

Lyn said...

What a lovely post. I think the flowers look stunning, makes me wish for long summer days!

Lisa said...

These are absolutely lovely! And what a gorgeous entry to your home.

I admit I'm a terrible gardener, but do adore picking up wildflowers at our farmer's market. Perhaps one day....

I wanted to make my way over here - thanks for entering my giveaway ( and commenting about the altered book. I'm hoping to do a post about the process as well so be sure to check back! Perhaps we can learn from one another!

Many blessings!
Lisa (from Indiana)

MarmaladeRose said...

Lovely, lovely post. Your flowers look so pretty!

Sarah said...

Do you think I could have that cute little window with the most perfect shade of red shutter when you've finished with it? That's says love to me any day. Some of your photos refused to come up for me so I'll have to come back later. I hope you have a lovely weekend with lots of flying hook stuff!

Beansieleigh said...

Beautiful, beautiful flowers!!.. but I must say I was even more enchanted with just your window and the sweet red shutter.. I LOVE it!.. I don't know if I'm off track here, but I already posted "Day 11", the Perfect Gift!!.. I just can't believe it's FRIDAY already! Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy! ~tina

Maria said...

Beautiful photoes of beautiful flowers displayed in the nicest way. My all time favourite is still daisy and buttercups picked by a child and placed in an egg cup...:)

Pomona said...

What lovely flowers - I much prefer informal arrangements like that.

Pomona x

Lynn said...

Ohhhhhhh so lovely, I adore wildflowers too. It must have been wonderful to live in the French countryside :)

*Ulrike* said...

Love the flowers! Any kind, and how special to see it in such a beautiful country!