Thursday, 18 February 2010

This, that and the other

Oh it has been a lovely day today. Why? Because I received such a lovely package in the post. A little while ago, the very lovely Annie from the birdcages and butterfly blog was having a giveaway and I was a very lucky accidental winner. Apparently what happened was, when she was drawing the last winner out of the hat, a second name fell out, which was me, and she decided to send me a prize as well, bless her.

Annie always wraps everything so beautifully with lace or ribbon -

Look look look at these lovely goodies -

and this is the sweetest -
little letter stamps spelling my name!

I can fell more project coming on!

And then there was LissyLou's challenge, to reveal what was in my handbag. Oh dear, that could be a bit embarrassing. Alrighty, here is the totally unedited contents of my bag as per yesterday. First, my current bag -

sigh, and the contents-
A list as well? Sigh, ok here goes -
old style driving licence
large purse
credit card holder
face powder
stack of six cats eye colorbox inks ( just bought )
a pile of receipts
an empty gravybone (doggiesnack ) bag
glasses case with eye liner and lipstick in it ( sigh, don't ask )
nail file
scrunched up tissues
two packets of tissues ( I have the sniffles at the mo )
a sample bottle of rose fragrance oil for soap
a christmas photo of my oldest granddaughter
hair brush
a bunch of keys for house, car and cottage
a couple of coins ( euro cents )
I think thats about it

Yesterday, I showed you a couple of tags I made. I wasn't quite happy with one of them, it looked too empty, so I added a couple more things to it today and I like it a lot better now. What do you think -

Oh oh, and another thing, I am entering another swap, which sounds really really nice. Have a look here and see whether you might like to join in as well, its such a lovely theme -

It is organised by Sew Scrumptious and you can find the details here .

I think thats about it for today, I'll try and sew a few more squares together tonight.



vintage wil said...

Your tag is beautiful!!
thanks for you lovely comments on my blog.
yes i make the background for
acf challenges.
xx Wil

Serenata said...

Congratulations on your lovely win, such treasures suit you perfectly!

I just love your new tags, they are just perfect.

Annie @ Birdcages n Butterflies x said...

oh Good I'm glad you got them safely!!! Just a few odds and ends that I'm sure you'll do Marvellous things with!!!
The tags are just lovely hun xx
Annie x

Annie @ Birdcages n Butterflies x said...

oooh I just spotted something!!!! I have the same duvet cover as you!!!!
Annie xx

Helsie said...

Your gift tags are lovely. You really have an "eye" for how to arrange it all. I don't know how you can bear to give them away!

bekimarie said...

What a lovely giveaway win, lucky you :)
Love your tags in the previous post, just my kind of thing.
Jess and I have been making something a little whimsical tonight but have been looking at all my vintagey bits and wondering if it's too late to start something else, it is only 11pm ;)

Beki xxx

Sarah said...

Oh I just knew your bag would contain half your life! I bet that lipstick in the glasses case has something to do with those naughty children of yours. I bet you came home to pretty looking dogs one day.

You are so lucky to get such a fabulous accidental prize. I wonder what the real winner received?? What beautiful gifts. The lace to tie it all up with was lovely enough.

LissyLou said...

there not too bad was the photo you carry around!! x

Elizabethd said...

What a pretty tag you made, clever you!
BTW the seed catalogue on my blog has a very good website (Baumaux)

Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Lucky you winning that giveaway, it was full of beautiful things! Well done!

I'm glad I wasn't tagged, my handbag is overflowing with far too many bits of papers etc....

Your tags are very pretty. I can't wait for the decorating to be over so that I may get on with some crafting!

Warm wishes

Isabelle x

Wipso said...

Congrats on the goodies. Just fab. You're very brave doing a show and tell with handbag contents....My OH says I carry my life in mine :-)
Love the changes to the tag.
A x

Kissed by an Angel said...

Lovely giveaway parcel!!! I don't think the contents of your handbag are that bad!!!! I liked the tag befor - I love it now!!!

melanie said...

Your giveaway package is so lovely, what fabulous treats! Is'nt it so exciting to win a give away, I found out yesterday that I won the Valentines give away from Sals Snippets, and I am sooo happy and excited! :) xxxx

*Ulrike* said...

You received a great giveaway! Lots of sweet goodies. I think I have you beat on the handbag though, must be why when people pick it up ask if I'm carrying bricks!!! The tag you made is gorgeous too, and I'll have to head over to the other site!

Dorthe said...

Dear, you realy had a lucky day, what a precius gift, so full of lovely things,-
and your tag is so sweet and lovely.
Wishing you a wonderfull week-end

Dorthe said...

Wow, what a wonderful treasure you won! I enter every giveaway there is, always hoping with crossed fingers! I did win a darling little birdie from Karla's Cottage. I love your tag & if you saw my purse you'd have me put into a straight jacket! Lisa

Michela said...

Oooooh! Another bag to spy into!
Have a great weekend!

Lace hearts said...

Thank you for your lovely comment - I have been feeling guilty about not getting around to blogging/visiting, but it's been so hectic. It's been lovely to finally do a post and receive comments and know there are still people out there who want to pop by.
I love the idea of revealing the contents of your handbag - but there's no way I could do it. I'd be soooooo embarrassed at the mess. haha. I love your tag, and you did receive a special giveaway. How lovely.

Kelly said...

Congratulations on the fantastic win!
I'm loving these bag posts, mine is sheduled for later in the week (I have far too much stuff in mine!)