Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Reason why

After yesterday's post, I had a few comments from people who really ought to know better ( yes, you, THAT woman from Brighton, and yes, you, Mrs S from Kiwiland, lolol ), asking me why I don't jump into the car and go visit That woman in Brighton.

Well, here is the reason why. I have two dogs. Two Rhodesian Ridgebacks, a girl and a boy, very close in age, there are only a few weeks between them. They are just over two years old and terrible teenagers. And they like to play games, tug of war being one of their favourites -

We love them to bits of course, but there are certain sacrifices we have to make, one of them is not being able to leave them at home alone for any length of time.

They look as if butter wouldn't melt in their mouths, right?

And when we do go out to do a bit of shopping together, we put them in their indoor kennel -

They don't mind being in there. For a little while. An hour or two at the most. Then Hector gets withdrawal systems, and wants his mummy. So he takes the kennel to pieces. Yep, he unhinges everything and escapes. A right little Houdini. Thats where the fun starts.

This is what my little darlings get up to when they are left to their own devices -

Indoor snow, after a lovely game of tug of war

He looks so pleased with himself, woohoo, that taught that naughty vintage French feather bolster a lesson!

The reason why I now keep big piles of magazines on the table

I won't bother showing you pictures of the claw marks on the family room door, where he has tried to scratch his way out on his search for mummy, or the tatters left of my very old brocade curtain, which had been hanging in front of the door to keep out drafts....... you get the picture, right? Now can you blame me for not going out for hours on end?

I should add really that they have been fairly good lately, they are getting better as they are growing up, so maybe in a year or so I'll be able to leave them at home alone without having the joint wrecked! In the meantime, I am very happy to stay at home and snuggle with my loving, adoring doggies.



Juanita Tortilla said...

Looking at these pictures (again) gave me a heart attack. GAAH! Those guys!!! !!! !!!

*Ulrike* said...

Ohhhh, I can relate. When I was a teenager we had a small dog that my father brought home since someone was being transferred overseas. This dog was sweet until you left him alone. We had a fenced in back yard, and he proceeded one time when he was all alone, to pull metal slats out one by one. You know the metal fences that criss cross, that one take us forever to pull out? He escaped that day! Another time my dad felt sorry for him and took him along with us to a family reunion and left him in the car. Needless to say when my dad went out to check on him, the inside was no more! Of course this was an older dog, but his previous owners sure had spoiled him!!

Martha, Vintage Trifles said...

Oh my goodness! I understand completely. We have been through some of those disasters, but thankfully our pooch is now 13 years. She is a Ridgeback/Yellow Lab mix and such a sweetie. She is definitely a hound. Won't retrieve a thing and hates water. So nice of you to visit my blog and I promise to show more of the items in my earlier post. I'll be back to visit again and check in on your "kids"! M.

Wipso said...

Oh bless..... and I bet you did bless them :-)
A x

Croap Queen said...

HMPH, pathetic excuse not to come over to me - you now have a retired husband who is quite capable of babysitting doggies. Lazy old bat.


Kissed by an Angel said...

I can totally see why you don't like to leave them!!! What a mess!!! Bless them!!!

made with love said...

Oh my goodness. You norty norty boys. I have 3 year old twins and I thought they got up to nonsense. They have emptied two beanbag chairs, I am glad they weren't a beautiful vintage cushion.
You have made me smile though, so thankyou so much for sharing those pics.
Rachael XX

Little Island In The Med said...

You've just made my day. I feel so much better in the knowledge that all our dogs ate today was part of one of my shoes! That's nothing!!

Anonymous said...

Wow they are just like a couple of kids. I had to catch up on some of your blogs and I just love the colors of those scarves. Nice pattern and absolutely gorgeous colors.

Country Nanny said...

Oh gosh...your kids are very rascal but they're also so funny! Maybe you'd need a dog sitter.

LissyLou said...

I want to see whats in your bag!!!



Sarah said...

Oh goodness what dreadfully behaved children you have Liz! I hope you made them pick every last feather up. Now dare I say it... yes I will... put them outside.

OK now I am very frightened!! Please remember I am not a dog person, I just don't understand, sorry. But they do have coats and I'm quite sure you could purchase boots for them these days.

Floss said...

Oh dear, I left the dog and the cat alone in the house today until such time as Ben decided to get home for them, and now I am stuck in Somerset wondering if he came home to a scene like yours! I THINK he would hqve phoned me by now if he did...

Sadie said...

ha ha ha! your dogs are so naughty! I'm not surprised you liked to leave them in their cagey thing when you have to go out! what racally rascals, and yet they look so sweet and innocent!

Been having a quick catch up. You haven't really been trying to visit over a 1000 blogs have you?! Blimey! every now and then I have to reign in how many visits I make, because I just don't have enough hours in the day anyway. I even keep my computer switched off a lot to make sure I don't get distracted. You are so right, there are so many brilliant blogs out there, it's easy to lose a lot of time surfing around.

Love the scarf for your MIL, and enjoyed all of piccies you have shared.

Now I've got to get a move on. Have a lovely day :O) xx

Sadie said...

just looking at your parents in law, my MIL is 85, and plays tennis every day! She is the most active person I know! She hurt her leg last Sept. - running up some concret steps in France, misjudged, fell, and ended up having to take a long time to recover. So tennis has been off the agenda for a long while, but she'll soon be back playing again. How do they do it at their ages?!

ben... MinnieM... mais toute seule... said...

Hi Lululiz,
You have won my giveaway, please contact me by Thursday night, Feb. 18.
I have sent you an e-mail last Monday.

Serenata said...

You gotta love them though! We've come home in the past to a variety of mishaps! One day we came home to a great big hole chewed into the middle of our green velvet curtains! They were full length, now they are half the size!

Michela said...

They're just adorable!
Mine use to pee on plastic shopping bags ;-)

JoAnnA Pierotti said...

oh my goodness. I thought mine were out of control sometimes :) Not sure if they ever really grow up. Mine are 13 and 14 and still are like having two year olds. They like to eat my antique books and my art. I always say I love them more than my stuff :) sign


Kelly said...

Oh you know how much I admire your babies! What a lot of damamge those huge teddy bears can do!!!

Catherine said...

OH my goodness... and doesn't he look so proud in that picture in the midst of all of those feathers! Your doggies are lovely - what a great picture of them sleeping on the sofa!