Monday, 8 February 2010

Aahh, winter in France

The photos from our week in the cottage in France on the last post showed our hill top all misty and grey, and the world around us gone, lost in the sea of clouds below us.

A couple of days later though, it all changed quite dramatically. The dogs got me up quite early. It was still dark outside, but by the time I had almost woken up, gotten dressed and bundled myself up in winter gear, there was a hint of sunrise showing on the other side of the valley. And the sky was clear above us, hurrah, even though the valley below us was filled with a sea of clouds!

When we stepped out of the house and onto our little lane, I saw that the full moon was still high in the sky and incredibly bright

( not entirely sure how I ended up with a second moon, lol, but it appeals to my sci-fi loving mind )

It was incredibly peaceful and serene and quite magical walking down the lane in this half light, crisp morning. In the next photo, you can just about see our our cottage on the left hand side

Ahhh, the views at this time of the morning, you don't know whether to shout with joy or just admire it all in quiet reverie

It was the start of a beautiful day with bright blue skies, and glittering snow. The next pic is looking from our garden across the dip to one of our neighbours -

The valley below us was remarkably snow free and looked quite green -

This is the view on the other side of the hill

And this little strip of tarmac is the main road going past one end of our lane

We had quite a dramatic sunset that evening, not quite what you would expect, it wasn't all orange and red and purple, it was just black and white, quite strange really

Yep, thats the sun. I got really disorientated for a second when I saw this, I thought, hang on, whats the moon doing there?? Quite a weird moment. It was definitely the sun though, lol.

Next morning, same story, the dogs were raring to go just before sunrise. It was so worth getting up early, I tell ya, look what was happening across the dip, on the little hill next to us -

Was't long before we had beautiful blue skies again, I loved walking in the crisp snow -

Sigh, it was so beautiful, and what did I get today? Here in England? First rain, then sleet, then a few snowflakes, then sleet, then rain again...........

To finish off, just a silly little picture of the cottage roof, but I liked it, the slight, hazy covering of frost, a bit of snow and these rows of icicles -

See you tomorrow! xx


Wipso said...

What a beautiful blog and what stunning photos. Thanks for sharing them.
A x

made with love said...

Beautiful photos. I think secretly you are itching to go back. Heehee.
Have a lovely week.
Rachael XX

Floss said...

How absolutely beautiful, Liz. We are finding that the rising sun just peeps through the shutters when we are getting up now, and it's a real motivation to get up. Earlier than that, though? Shudder.

Elizabethd said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos, worthy of a coffee table book.

Helsie said...

Oh lovely! It is 7 weeks til we leave for our holiday in France.
Can't wait !

Dorthe said...

Oh what wonderfull photoes,they are just fantastic, all of them, like a fayritale, or walking into elfland.Wonderfull also to use as backgrounds for ATC`s and collages.
Love them


Kate said...

I'm not surprised you get up so early with views like that! Are you getting up at that time now you're back by any chance? Hmmm xx

Anonymous said...

A beautiful winter wonderland. We have had so much snow, I got tired of taking pictures and I think folks got tired of looking at it. Your photos are beautiful though

Kim said...

Just beautiful! Ahhh, I wish I was there, but I'd be snuggled under the covers look out the window! Can't take the cold any more! Kim

Sarah said...

Hmmm, I'm thinking you are over England and dreaming of France. Those really are wonderful photos of the landscape. You are quite the one with a camera. said...

Those photos look like they are out of a dream! The scifi second moon just adds to the effect of dreaminess.

marigold jam said...

Absolutely stunning photos. Where in France is your little house - it certainly looks beautiful?


Michela said...

..Ladies & Gentlemen..I'm proud to announce you that Mrs.Lululiz is the winner for the most beautiful snowy pictures ever published in Blogland this winter! xxx

Anonymous said...

Simply heavenly - thanks so much for your beautiful blog.xx

Andi's English Attic said...

Beautiful pics. I particularly liked the huge sunrise. xx

Croap Queen said...

Very nice pics madam. Looks beautiful.

Mary Poppins said...

Beutiful and very moving photogrpahs, thank you very much for sharing them


Sadie said...

just gorgeous. I can hear the peace and quiet. :O)

ooh, yes, wish we could get Flea Market Style here.

will have to check out the magazine cafe site.

Barbara Jean said...

Oh I love the snow.

Your pictures are sooo beautiful.

I love the calmness of it all, and then so bright and cheery reflecting in the sun.

Thank you for sharing.

barbara jean

Anonymous said...

Oh wow , Liz !! I can't find the appropriate words ... Gorgeous pictures !!! How much I envy you !!

and dear Liz, thank you so much for your visits and nice comments you leave me, I appreciate them so much!! I radically limited the time spent in front of the PC and when I 've got time I make some cross stitching instead but I try to visit my favourit bloggers once a week.




ferries said...

Lovely post and great pictures. I just loved the way you described the winter in France. I have a trip to France in few months but sadly I would miss the winter. I've already booked my ferry to france.

faehre said...

Really fantastic photos, really i am so enjoying enlarging the pictures..

Ashley said...

Very nice pictures shared here.
Its lovely nature in France.

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