Tuesday, 4 August 2009

More pics from the weekend

We did get a bit carried away with the camera on the weekend, but there was just sooooo much to see! The old fashioned fun fair was so very colourful, and brought back so many memories of all the excitement when I was a little girl, going to the fair with my brothers.

I didn't have much time to take photos, which is probably just as well, lol, you'd get sick of wading through hundreds of them.

Just a few then of the Red Indian Village -

Thats enough for today I reckon, tomorrow, if you are very very good girls, I might show you a couple of the most beautiful, most romantic, gorgeous 19th Century plates (from an old book), which I bought from my sort of next door neighbours at the fair ( it wasn't quite next door, lol, more like next door round the corner at the back, sort of ). I really adore them, and I think I will frame the whole lot ( 11) and hang them in one of the bedrooms in the cottage in France. That was on the Saturday.

Now I really do love ephemera and I couldn't help myself, I had to nip next door a couple of times on Sunday as well. They had tons of lovely old newspapers, magazines, letters, legal documents, tickets, you name it, they had it. And of course there were some really gorgeous flower plates from the 1930s, which cried out " buy me, buy me " all the time I was looking at them. Sigh. They might just be destined for the cottage, too. Just as well I can't stand blank walls, lol.

On the second day of the fair, on my mad dash through the charity tent, I got just a couple of really nice things as well. I'll photograph them today and post pics of those tomorrow as well.

Right, thats definitely it now, toodlepip xx


sally said...

OMG I have been away! Where is this fab place! It looks a brilliant place to look around! I would have to go on those merry go round horses! Looking forward to seeing what you found as always!
Best wishes
Sally x

Sarah said...

The carousel has always been my favourite! I never say no to a ride on one, even at my age. The old fashioned ones are so beautiful and ornate aren't they? Don't suppose your son had a ride on it did he?

Those plates sound very interesting. Can't wait to see those. Why do you tell us about these wonderful things and they make us wait?!!! Do you want suspence to kill me???

Croap Queen said...

Hmph. I have nothing to say except that's just cruel making us wait for pics. I wouldn't do a thing like that. Meanie.

Lululiz said...

I'm sorry gals, I am just a very terrible person, not fit to be in blogland really. Teeheee, but its such fun teasing you, I had good teachers, Floss, Sarah and Luce are the worst teasers ever.

Liz said...

The photos are great! Looks like a really great place!