Thursday, 13 August 2009


Oh no, thats not what I meant at all, dang, I meant CATCH UP, more catching up on last weekend's bootfairs. Only got the second one on Sunday to go now, phew, aren't you relieved to hear that? Now before you get too happy about not having to wade through tons more pics, I had better mention that I did go to a jumble sale on Saturday morning as well, and I might have popped into a charity shop earlier last week when I passed one on the way to the post office. But lets get back to the bootfair first.

Lets see, what did I get at the late Sunday bootfair? Shall I show you my most treasured find first? Or should I leave that one til last? Oh what the heck, lets have it. Here it is, a beautiful little glass tray. The centre is a panel of the most delightful tiny petit point flowers on net, sandwiched between two panes of glass, the frame is some sort of solid, heavy metal. I was gobsmacked when I saw it, it is in perfect condition and why anybody would want to get rid of it, is just beyond me. Btw, the white background is just a tray cloth, but the petit point showed up much better on white -

I have quite a collection of large platters in France, I do need them, honest, because often we have impromptu gettogethers with neighbours and friends, sitting under the trees in the garden, and then one needs lots of platters for all the foody things to nibble on whilst drinking the lovely Burgundy wines. I found another one to add to the collection, and its gorgeous! It is a Royal Doulton Orchids platter in lovely condition. The colours are just stunning, a rich creamy background and the flowers, well, just see for yourselves -

This good sized jug will make a really charming vase for one of the windowsills in the cottage, or maybe the bedside table in the yellow bedroom ( because of the yellow bottom half ), hmmmm, we'll see -

Maybe I'll put it together with this pretty little basket, sweet little roses on a yellow background -

I can never resist anything heart shaped, especially if there are roses involved as well, lol, so this little Grafton dish had to come home with me as well -

More flowery little trinket thingies, the first one is Limoges, the second one is German -

I bought two of the tiny little rosy cups and saucers, for when Frank and Christine come to visit ( they love their coffee ) -

Rose prints, five of the prettiest rose prints by Leslie Greenwood, aren't they just ever so gorgeous? and destined for the cottage, of course -

Oh, and look, a cute little tea cosy -

There were a few more things, like books for example, including 3 cricket biographies, a new photoalbum for my mum to put all the pics of her gread granddaughters in, The Official Star Wars Fact File ( because I love sci-fi ), and last, but most definitely not least, a box of nearly 40 , yes FORTY, beading magazines. I was going to photograph each and every one of them, lolol, just to make a dear friend of mine really sick, but then I decided I couldn't be that cruel, so I am just mentioning the FORTY BEADING MAGAZINES WITH THE MOST AMAZING PATTERNS in passing, so as not to upset her too much. I am such a good girl.

Phew, thank goodness thats the bootfairs covered now. Only the jumble sale and the charity shop to go and there wasn't very much. But that can wait til tomorrow, hopefully I will have a bit of time to post before we leave during the night. Woohoo 1 1/2 more sleeps, thats all. xx


Floss said...

Lovely, lovely things - will you have to buy another cottage, soon, to fit it all in?

Liz said...

I wonder the same thing myself about where you must put everything you buy!!

Lululiz said...

Lolol, errrmmm, yes, I am beginning to wonder myself. Still, we have a huge barn, which we will convert once we live in the cottage permanently, and of course that means lots of space for things, yippeeeh. Just thinking ahead,see? Also, some of the things I buy I might sell on at the fairs I go to with my soaps and skincare products. When I am outside in my gazebo and have the space, I do like taking a few bits and pieces with me, there are always some vintage lovers around.

Hippy at Heart said...

bloomin nice finds again Madam Cholet. Totally jealous. Hmmpf.

Croap Queen said...

Good grief woman. Just how big is this trolley that you take booting with you? I don't believe it's the one I saw at your house. I think there must be an enormous one somewhere.

Very nice finds yet again, and am inclined to agree with Ms Hippy :-)