Friday, 14 August 2009

Goodbyeeeeeee for a while!

We are off to France tonight, and as I don't have internet access at the cottage, I might not be able to blog for three whole weeks! Not unless I can find an internet cafe in the nearest biggish town ( 40 mins away ) or a friend with internet access will let me on his computer once in a while.

I'll be sitting outside the cottage watching sunrises like this -

admiring sunsets like this on the opposite side of our fields-

Sit under the trees with friends til the early hours-

Sit in my favourite little garden chair -

eat al fresco lunches -

and in the evenings, snuggle down in the the cottage and perhaps do some crocheting, lol -

See you all again soon! xxx


Floss said...

Have a wonderful time! I DID get (all) your emails - thanks so much, and I also sent you a reply the same evening, so I don't know where that's gone! Anyway, thanks, and just an update in case you get the reply - my mum is getting better.

Liz said...

Have a lovely time!! Hope you get lots of crocheting done...but most of all relax and enjoy yourself...we'll all be waiting for your holiday tales!!

Will & Theresa said...

Hiya Lizzie
Oh how we miss those Summer nights in your beautiful French garden...... it's such a special place - enjoy!!
Hope the doggies were ok with the long journey. Bowser really missed them this weekend. Mae & I just aren't a good enough replacement for his weekly meet with his pals!
All's well here. Mae is taking up every waking moment (and sleeping ones) but we're loving it. Will's working hard at his new career and we're all missing you.
Look forward to seeing you soon.

Amy said...

I hope you are enjoying yourself!

Anonymous said...