Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Lets try again, lol

I know, I know, I am totally confusing you, the last post was supposed to be about the bootfair on the weekend, and what happened? I tried to finish off some other stuff from the weekend before first, and the post got too long and I didn't show a single thing from the Saturday bootfair ( didn't even mention the jumble sale, lol ). And then a couple of birthdays kinda got in the way of posting ( my oldest DS and my DH were celebrating on Sunday and Monday respectively ), so today is really the first time I can sit down and write a post. And of course I am trying to play catch up again, lol, three bootfairs to report on now.

Ok, so I'll start with the Saturday lunchtime one. I had a blast, it was a really lovely sunny day, I had my DS and one of my granddaughters with me, and it was a pretty successful womble as well. Where to start? I can't remember in which order I came across things, dang, ah well, I'll start with something sparkly and pretty and bling bling blingy then.

Just look at these, I was practically drooling when I found a box with costume jewellery bits and starting digging out brooch after brooch after brooch. 18 in total, and only a couple of them have stones missing, which I can probably replace ( I have a lot of broken bits from a boxful of stuff I bought for just that purpose ) -

I have a small collection of the orange Carnival glass in the cottage, in our yellow bedroom, and I was really pleased to find a pair of these, ermm, bowls on stands, whatchacallem? The bowls are lovely, much nicer in real life than they are in the photos, the oil-on-water effect never shows up properly, but the stands they are on are so tacky, just cheap white metal. Hmm, not sure yet what I am going to do about those, they might polish up nicely, we'll see. Oh, and at the same stand I also saw a tin of buttons. I asked the stallholder whether he would chuck a few buttons in with the carnival glass, he agreed and I spent at least 10 minutes grubbing through the dirty button box to find a handful of lovely old mother-of-pearl and glass buttons. When I went to pay him, he asked whether I wanted the rest of the buttons, I could have them if I wanted to. ARRGGHHH, why couldn't he have said that straight away, I could have saved myself 10/15 mins of very dirty work, lolol -

I had been looking for one of these for absolute ages. This vintage enamelled bain marie is in fabulous condition, I don't think it has been used much at all, and it will make lotionmaking so much easier -

A bootfair without a few bits of table linen of some sort is unthinkable really, I found these at a stall with very reasonable prices -

The stallholder told me that her grandmother had made the aprons, probably at least 50 years ago, and looking at the fabric of the secone one, that seems about right. I have an apron made from a similar fabric which I made when I was a little girl in the early 60s.

At another stall I found a beautiful snow white nightdress case, decorated with nicely executed whitework embroidery and this little table centre/tray cloth edged with masses and masses of glorious blue flowers in fine embroidery thread -

Soon after, I chanced on this table runner and a big bag full of these lovely lacy flower trims, one lot of dainty small cream coloured ones, and another lot of large white ones. Great trimmings for all sorts of projects -

Who could possibly resist anything to do with sewing? Not me, thats for sure. I was over the moon having spotted this card with the tiniest sweetest mother-of-pearl buttons amongst a few other bits and pieces I needed as well -

Trays, one can never have enough trays I reckon, one needs different shapes and sizes for different occasions. So I never pass up the chance of adding to my collection, lol. I do love these oldfashioned floral trays -

Ooooh, and at another stall I found a whole lot of diamante stuff, and a necklace with the tiniest glass pearls, I was thrilled to bits. So many wonderful sparkly bits to do things with. No idea yet what things, but who cares, I just know that one day I'll need them for some projects -

And talking of sparkly bits, how about this one?

A lovely Enid Blyton book -

Isn't this just the prettiest pattern? Beautiful flowers on a creamy background, and who cares that there only a few odd plates? 2 large dinner plates and a few smaller plates, but there are three serving platters and a serving bowl as well. I quite like mixing different floral china pieces when having friends round quite informally. And anyway, it was a charity stall, raising money for an electric wheelchair for a boy, so how could I not buy this? -

There were a few more things, like a really pretty multistrand hematite bead necklace, a couple of bags, a teeny weeny flower brooch, and a funky 1960s turban style hat, but I didn't get round to photographing them when I did this lot, and I really don't want to go and do it now, sigh. So just take my word for it, they were pretty things, lol.

Sunday's bootfair report will be tomorrow, I am blogged out right now. xx


Floss said...

Hi Liz - I think you lost some photos at the end there...

Otherwise, what great stuff! I've learnt this year to ask if there's a price for an entire button tin, before rummaging. Sometimes it's not worth it, but other times the vendors are just trying to get rid of stuff, so are happy to ofload the whole lot for a good price. I love the glass and MOP ones you've shown.

Lululiz said...

Blogger went all funny of me half way through posting, so I thought it best to publish what I had, exit and then go back and edit the post, adding the rest of the stuff. Unkind souls might suggest I did it on purpose to tease you............. teeheeee ( honest, I didn't )

sally said...

I love the bain marie, I have been looking for one of those myself for ages. And that spider brooch what a FAB find, it looks like a Butler and Wilson one to me!!
Sally x

Croap Queen said...

Lovely goodies as always madam. Exactly how big WAS the trolley you took with you. Is there a new one I don't know about?

Oh, and there's a typo - "when I was a girl in the 50s" should read "40s" shouldn't it?

I'm off now :-)

Lululiz said...

Cheeky cow, lol

Sarah said...

But you don't have me in your blogs I love to visit list! So how do you visit me? Boohoo!

Anyway I really love some of your purchases. The white embroidery is my favourite followed closely by the buttons and the costume jewellery. Good shopping there!