Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Ahhh, Romance

I did say yesterday that I might post one or two of those beautiful old plates which I bought at the country fair which I recently attended. To me they are the most beautiful, romantic images, although there will be some who will probably think they are gushy, gooey, sickeningly sweet, lol. But I adore them. However, just in case they make some of you go "BLECH " , I'll only post a few, can't have romance overload now, can we?

Sigh, which ones to chose though? Hmm, lets start with this beautiful young woman -

Just look at the sweet little angels peeping round the pic and playing in the grass

Can you imagine what this young lady is thinking? Waiting for a beloved to return from a sea journey

These two girls, are they sisters sharing a secret?

Right, thats enough romance for one day. Maybe I'll show some more tomorrow.

Here are a couple of other things I found last weekend at the fair -

A very pretty little talcum powder tin, apparently designed in the States and made over here -

And this absolutely wonderful 1951 Bobby Bear's Annual -

Aren't those just the cutest illustrations?

I think I will have to call it a day now. I have a few more things to show you, but everything is soooooooo slow today, its taking ages to upload the pics, so I might leave the rest til tomorrow.



Sarah said...

I have a sneaky feeling the secret is a little bit naughty! They don't look so innocent to me. Hmmm.

Now Bobby Bear is rather lovely isn't he? Looks like a beautiful book. Where, oh where, do you put all these purchases?!!!

Croap Queen said...

Those are very nice madam. I am impressed by your rummaging skills - in your honour we went to a big boot fair in Portugal. It was about 40C and mostly people were selling absolute tat or rusty farm implements. Hmph, nothing like the lovely things you unearth. If we go again, it'll be to a fair that's not in the summer!

Anonymous said...

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Aлиса said...

beautiful young woman - very,very!!!