Tuesday 9 April 2019

Eco Printing on Paper Part 2 :-)

Here we go, part 2 of eco printing on paper, third batch! As I mentioned yesterday, I didn't want to dispose of the rusty iron water from the second batch, so I picked a few more of those lovely pink flowers from the bush which looks like a currant bush and a couple of other bits, and put them in the pot with the used water. The results were so rich and deep, but more deep rusty brown rather than the greys from the day before

You know, once you are bitten by a particular bug, you just want to do more and more. So of course I wanted to make a 4th batch! I had disposed of the used iron water and needed more rusty bits to add to the lovely clean once-rusty iron bits I already had in the post. DH to the rescue with these bits -

I think I added much more vinegar to the water than in batch 2 and 3. I loved the results.
I folded some of the papers this time, Rorschach test style :-)

I think this rose leaf print is my favourite -

although this one is really fascinating, too. I used just green aquilegia foliage, and I was so surprised to see the reds, and especially the glittery silver! -

What does one do, when one is supposed to tie the bundle up really tightly with string and doesn't have any string? One uses lace, of course!

The two very dark grey 'strings' ( net lace and sari silk ribbon ) were in both the second and third batch pots and went very dark grey. The other cotton lace was used only in the 4th batch and turned from a brilliant white into a very lovely light taupey grey. Definitely a bonus -

Now I can't wait for leaves to appear on the trees, and for more pretty weeds to grow in the hedgerows. I want to experiment some more :-).

Toodlepip xxx


Alexandra said...

Wow das ist ja super geworden. Gefällt mir gut :)

Roosterhead Designs said...

OK, this is Sooo cool!!
Beautifully done Liz; the results are amazing! I keep looking at the pics over and over again~ Fantastic results! How fun~ Thanks for sharing :)Hugs, karen o

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh Liz you have really been smitten - thank goodness! And look how much richer and deeper the colours have turned out with the iron water sitting and being reused with added iron and vinegar.
Absolutely gorgeous dear friend. I just now need to see what you create with these!
Big hugs for big results!
Suzy xox

justanitzybitcrazy said...

Hi Liz, Your eco dyed items are fantastic!! Love how each batch is just a little bit different ... superb!! I have just recently taken an interest in this process and love to see what others are up to. I haven't yet tried it but hope to soon. Might have to harvest some bits off my house plants as we still have snow on the ground here in Northern Alberta, Canada. I have however been soaking some white buttons in a bag of rusty pieces for about a week now, in the hopes of distressing some buttons...so excited to see how that turns out.
Have fun and take care,
Helen White

Betsy said...

These are so cool!! I'm going to have to try this...some day! lol
Hope you had a lovely Easter, Sweet girl!!

Rebecca Nelson said...

Wow...such an amazing process.


Betsy said...

These are gorgeous! You just keep giving me good ideas! no wonder I never finish everything! LOLOL

sulis said...
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tegararlansah said...
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